Dallas Wedding Photography Of The Week

This is the Bridal Portrait of the week by Mark. "I photographed this bride on an overcast day in February. To many photographers, that would have lessened the image, but I shoot in RAW mode -- the highest quality. That lets me warm the image back up to normal sunlight, with no loss in quality and no harsh shadows," says the master wedding photographer.

"Add to that my proprietary photo processing techniques learned in the Commercial Model world of Los Angeles, brought back to Dallas and you have a touching work of art," he confides.

"Brides nationwide value my experience and want to look their very best in their photos -- who can blame them? I limit the weddings I accept to devote the time for truly beautiful and artistic fine wedding photography. Sure it costs more and takes more effort, but their happiness is worth it. After all, these are probably the most important photographs of their lives and they will treasure these beautiful memories through my wedding photography and share it with their kids and family."

We will look forward to more "Dallas Bridal Portrait of the week" photographs in weeks to come!

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