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Your Dallas wedding photography and Dallas bridal portrait may well be the one part of the wedding that you will cherish forever (besides your mate of course!). We can photograph your wedding in a photojournalistic wedding style which minimizes the intrusion of the photographer in the event as they capture the moment as it unfolds.

Our Dallas Wedding Photographers also specialize in printing black and white wedding pictures but provide color as well. We are experts at the traditional approach of the posed picture with each of the family groups and each special event during the day. We know how to get the exact wedding pictures you may be after in the most efficient way without appearing to be running the show.

Bridal portraits are another area of specialization where you will look gorgeous in your gown! We have a professional hair / makeup artist as well for a complete bridal service. The Dallas area has a variety of beautiful outdoor and indoor venues that can be used for your wedding portrait

Take advantage of our Dallas wedding photography experience to capture your wedding memories in all their beauty and romance! Call 972-822-3587 to answer questions and make an appointment.