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Vanisha is a Dallas Indian Bride who had high expectations for her wedding photography. So she chose us for our artistic high-end style of luxury wedding photography and also for our experience being a Dallas Indian Wedding Photographer.

This photo is just 1 of 1200 wedding photos we delivered and it shows her just before she enters and walks the isle! We've photographed Dallas weddings of all styles and traditions, from Hindu (like this one), to Muslim, to Christian to Buddhist to mixed. (see more of their Dallas Indian Wedding photos here)

So let us put our experience to work for you, capturing great wedding memories with joy and celebration. www.WeddingPhotographerDallas.com is the answer you've been looking for!

With camera equipment to work in all lighting conditions and packages to fit all budgets, we welcome the opportunity to serve you with truly professional wedding photography when you call 877-858-0071.