The 7 Biggest Mistakes Brides Make With Dallas Wedding Photographers

As a followup to our last post, we've complied the Worst Mistakes that couples make when choosing their wedding photography -- and how to avoid them.

MISTAKE #1 - Hiring Based on Price:

Your wedding = Quality + Service + Price

It is impossible for any company in any industry to offer the cheapest price, have the highest quality and provide the best service all at the same time.

You can get high quality and super service, but you can’t get both and still get the lowest price. Just like in any business, you would hire the best people and buy the highest quality product— consequently, you have to charge more for your services.

Total value is all three. Quality, Service and Price!

The common problems YOU WILL have when you pick a photographer who only offers the lowest price:

1. The first problem with dirt cheap photographers is they don’t stand behind their word or their work. They will tell you they are professional. But delivery suffers because they are just working their "business" out of their bedroom and lack the professionalism and reliability of a truly professional wedding photographer. if they make a mistake, ditch you at the last minute for a better-paying bride, or worst yet, ruin all the pictures and then the problem is unfixable.

Or you may have pictures that are okay, but you hoped for more. In that case there isn’t anything they can do. You are stuck and your wedding is not repeatable. The end result is you get what you pay for. A little money "saved" up front can cost you big time in the end.

There is a saying I like to tell my clients: “What cost are you really paying for photographs whose work you don’t like?”

2. The second problem with a photographer who offers the lowest price is they also offer the lowest quality. Your wedding photos are your most important and valuable investment. The value you place on choosing the right photographer will show for decades to come.

Why risk so much and throw away such great memories for a few pennies saved up front?

3. And the third reason why hiring the cheapest wedding photographer is a mistake you will regret, is that you are likely to get charged extra for things other photographers normally include. You might have to pay for such things as your previews, or worse yet they might not even make your previews available for you to keep at any price. Some will even stamp them across the front with their studio logo. Cheap photographers nickel and dime you to death... making what seemed like a good deal may in fact cost you more in the long run.

Since they lack the ability to attract you through quality, their low up front price is their only tactic just to get you in the door. To avoid buying on price alone. Instead, buy on VALUE -- the quality of your memories is at stake.

ONCE YOU FIND A GOOD WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER...STICK WITH THEM! You’ll be glad you did and you will have peace of mind.

MISTAKE #2- Thinking all photographers are the same.

Every photographer is different. No two are really the same. Every photographer has different equipment, and has different skills and abilities and different employees; these all bring a complete mix of abilities to their product but will not guarantee consistency.

Photography is art and craftsmanship combined. Most people who hire photographers don’t truly understand that despite all the technological advances in today's digital cameras, photographers still use the same quality work habits and techniques as they did 25 years ago.

The best wedding photography is done not just by picking up a camera and clicking the shutter. It takes craftsmanship to turn out quality work. For example, I have had 6 years of training in classical visual arts (sketching, painting, sculpture, etc.) to master shade, light, composition, color, etc. before ever accepting a photography client.

Photographers have to know how to capture the right moment, how to compose properly, how to expose properly and how to use light, shape and form in order to get the most flattering and artistic results and poses.

Communication is the key to hiring the best photographer for you:
  • Ask what style of work they do — see samples.
  • Ask to see the wedding contract. Some will make big promises verbally but cut corners in reality because their contract backs them up.
  • Ask them who will be photographing your wedding.
  • Ask them how long will it take to see the images after the wedding. We deliver within 2 weeks!
  • Ask them what it will cost and exactly what do you get—how many photos are included.
  • Ask them how many weddings they’ve photographed.

Wedding photography is not a generic product. It is not a commodity. Ask these and other relevant questions and it will become obvious who the right choice will be for you. You will notice a marked difference in attitude, quality, creativity and experience. You will enjoy a photographer you can trust. And you will have that photographer around you and your spouse on your special day! Do you want to hire an amateur to take experimental photos or a pro who will create a masterpiece? That is priceless.

MISTAKE #3— Try To Get Several Photographers to Compete with each other for your wedding.

You may think this is a good way to do business. And it makes sense when you are getting a commodity like a toothbrush or a new set of car tires. But here is why it is a disastrous way for you to deal with your wedding photographer.

A good photographer has enough loyal customers that they don’t have to deal with price shoppers. Once you find a good photographer, it is important to stay loyal to them. If you flip—flop, most photographers won’t be motivated to keep YOU as a customer.

Price is important. But price should not be more important than good quality and good service. This is what some people like to do. They try to get everyone fighting for the same piece of pie. Buy why add strife to a wedding that should be joyful and full of celebration?

A photographer that keeps bending and bending on price, is a desperate photographer needing your measly fee. This is not a good sign!

Every photographer expects to bend over backward for their clients every now and again. Provided the customer is loyal the photographer will do all he can to help.
All good photographers are loyal to you if YOU are loyal to them.

MISTAKE # 4—You think having the right camera equipment is all a photographer needs to do the job.

Many photographers own wonderful equipment. That doesn’t mean they know how to use it properly. Many people have typewriters and word processors but only a select few can write as well as Shakespeare. In the same way, owning a paint brush does not make you Picasso. Likewise, some random photographer can have all the “latest greatest whiz bang lenses and digital wonder cameras,” but if you don’t know how to use it properly you are no better off than anyone picking up a camera and pointing and shooting.

Compare this to your cell phone. Studies show that half the people who own high-end cell phones don’t even know how to program speed dial, let alone the more advanced features. The same thing happens with amateur photographers pretending to be professional.

Many photographers have tools that have a lot of bells and whistles, but if the photographer has little or no technical and creative know how, he may as well be from the dark ages.

Make sure the photographer knows how to use their tools to the very best of their capabilities. You risk not only pictures that could have been outstanding, but worse yet, utter letdown because of lack of technical know-how.

MISTAKE #5 — Hiring an amateur, friend or relative, or an unqualified photographer.

If you do, then expect mediocre results at best. If you choose the recipe for unhappiness, don't be surprised when that is what comes out of the oven. You may have seen a top notch wedding photographer in action at the wedding of a friend or relative. A really good wedding photographer makes it look so easy, almost effortless.

There is a very simple reason for this: Experience.

The biggest mistake any bride can make is asking a friend or relative to capture their day, and when the results are not there the responsibility and ill feelings can be crushing. Most, untrained wedding photographers simply cannot handle the stress and responsibility that goes along with capturing a wedding. The pace, the stress and the speed are way too much for them, let alone being creative.

There is nothing wrong with hiring an amateur, as long as you expect and want poor photos. Even a professional photographer in a different field (such as commercial photography) will have a rough go of photographing weddings.

Weddings are tough. There's no room for mistakes. The only thing that makes it flow and seem almost effortless is experience. Do you want to give your photographer the opportunity to practice and experiment on your wedding? I wouldn't.

Or do you want someone who is so qualified they can handle anything that is thrown at them and they come through at the end with dynamic pictures?

MISTAKE #6 - Hiring a photographer that is less than passionate and vibrant.

Lastly, look for a photographer that obviously loves doing what they do! Sadly for too many photographers your wedding is just another “job”. They fail to bring passion and love of the craft into each and every wedding they photograph.

Look for someone who radiates passion, and love of the craft. If photographing your wedding is a drudgery for them, your photos might still be fine, but will they really shine for you the way an artist who is truly passionate about their craft can make them?

Nothing is a replacement for experience. Outstanding wedding photographers are not taught in school or by acquiring some degree or by winning awards. They get there through experience, just like an airline pilot.

Some Final Thoughts
Good photos will become priceless and one of your most valued and treasured keepsakes. Studies have shown that the first item that people take with them in the event of a fire is their wedding photos. Studies also show that one year later, when asked what the couple would have done differently at their wedding, the absolute #1 answer is "I wish I had spent more on my wedding photography."

With the advent of digital photography, you see many, many more cameras at weddings these days. Seems that everyone wants to be a photographer. However, owning a decent camera does not make anyone a good wedding photographer.

Owing a good camera does not give anyone the ability to compose, to see light and use light effectively. To predict when certain events will unfold and be “ at the right place at the right time.”


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