Tips For Enjoying Great Dallas Wedding Photography

More Value From Our Dallas Wedding Photographers

First of all, we love what we do. We are gifted, artistic and technical all rolled into one when if comes to your wedding photography. But it is our love for what we do that ultimately makes using us for your wedding photography a joy for YOU.

Yes we really can make getting wonderful photos fun! With that, here are our tips for maximizing your pleasure:

• Be organized and communicate so everyone knows the plans, locations and times for photography. You don’t want to be running around looking for lost relatives. We work closely with your event coordinator or wedding planner so keep us all in the loop.

• When you get to know us before your wedding -- best through having us do your bridal portraits and / or engagement portraits -- it means you are comfortable and worry-free on your wedding day. It means you feel free planning and discussing any ideas or concerns with us. And your positive emotions and peace of mind translates into photos you are happiest with.

• Use a bouquet that is smaller and lighter. And make sure you can MOVE around in that beautiful wedding dress too!

• Allow enough time for photos after the ceremony. Generally 45 minutes is enough. More time will give you a bigger variety or alternate locations. Do not forget to include drive times when calculating photography time.

• If you see an image you like in a magazine, cut it out and show us!

• If you are using a make up artist ask them if they will offer you a free trial so you can go over your make up needs. Or better yet, use them first on the day of your bridal portraits.

• And most important... your Dallas Wedding Photography is an investment, not an expense.

Why do other brides sometimes have their friend or relative photograph their wedding? Because it’s cheaper! But consider what that does:

You are putting the least amount of money on the most important day of your life AND you are placing a terrible burden and responsibility on an amateur. What are you going to do if they botch your images, ruin a friendship? Disinherit a relative? Invite your friends and relatives to enjoy your day not cover it.

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