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Your wedding photographer is, in a sense, a biographer, capturing a very important part of your life for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. Therefore, choose him or her carefully. Some couples attempt to reduce expenses by not hiring a professional photographer or by hiring a newbie photographer. They later realize that was a mistake when they have only a few acceptable snapshots as mementos of the big day.

Don't agree to let a family member or friend photograph the wedding. They should be your guests and enjoying your wedding with you.

Beware of any photographer who offers a "cheap deal". Choose a photographer whose personality you like. He/she will be present with you on your very special wedding day, so you must feel comfortable working together.

Many couples find that the photo shoot time before the ceremony helps to calm the nerves of the wedding party members. Everyone will look fresher than they will after having worn gowns and tuxes for several hours. If you are sure that you do not want to have pictures of the two of you taken together before the ceremony, be certain to let the photographer know, and then arrange to serve something, such as a beverage and light hors d' oeuvres, to your guests while they wait for you to arrive at the reception. Few professional Dallas wedding photographers will do a split photo session, like we can at Wedding Photographer Dallas, so be sure to ask.

Pictures should end a with enough time before the ceremony begins so that the two of you can catch their breath and not feel rushed before your wedding ceremony.

If you are interested in having mostly candid or black and white photos, be sure to inform the photographer when you first interview them. If they don't like to do these types of pictures, find someone else. As for us, we take all your wedding photos in color and then provide your wedding gallery with the option to view ANY of your photos in color, black and white, or sepia tone.

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