How to Find Your Ideal Dallas Wedding Photojournalist Photographer

How do you find the ideal person to document your wedding with digital photography?

Just as there is a skill to taking memorable pictures, there is also a know-how to choosing the person you want to take them. How you choose your wedding photojournalist can make a big difference in ensuring that you love your wedding photography, as well as with the moments and memories captured in pictures.


The ultimate factor in finding your ideal wedding photojournalist is in the portfolio. After all, you've gotta like us and our work. Through our samples and professional and personal interactions, you can determine if we are that particular photographer who can produce the type of images that will capture the emotions and other rich memories of the day in a way that will resonate deeply with you for years to come. You’ll need to get a sense of your wedding photographer’s shooting style. Take as much time necessary to peruse samples—a relatively easy task these days, thanks to the Internet.

“Brides and grooms should in general try to assess the photographer’s imagination; someone who strives to be different rather than shooting the same kinds of pictures all of the time, Look for humor and feeling in the photography. Rather than just looking at the pictures for the content, assess them in the light of how the photographer approached the scene, and whether he or she can do a lot of things well. You also want to make sure your wedding photojournalist is a versatile photographer with a lot of skills.”


Despite its usefulness in viewing photos, and in providing biographical and approach philosophy information about the photographer, a Web site is not the be-all and end-all of wedding photojournalist research. Now, it's time to meet us :-)

Talk to us about your wedding details and any specific expectations you may have regarding your pictures. Share with your photographer what style and approach you prefer, and also listen to us on how well your wedding day vision matches their mode of operation.

You also should be looking for somebody with whom you can spend the day and be comfortable.

Most importantly, you want to choose someone who doesn’t just view your wedding day assignment as simply another business transaction. Finding a photographer, like us, who really loves what they do and is very passionate about their work is key. “We're the photographers who go the extra mile – The ones who will still be shooting pictures even when you’re having dinner.”


“As your wedding day unfolds, situations will happen, and you won’t have control over them, so you want somebody who can go in there and won’t be afraid, roll with it and capture those perfect moment! Choose a seasoned professional wedding photography studio like ours and you will get someone who can make the great pictures regardless of the conditions.”

If a person has been doing professional photography for 10 years, it’s a good bet that they know how to handle any situation, and when problems come along, they become a problem solver, And ultimately, one of the most important tools a photographer has is his brain, because a photographer who actively thinks is going to get great pictures.

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