The Value Of Your Dallas Wedding Photographer

Your Wedding Memories: A Matter Of Priorities

For brides and grooms in Dallas who are watching their costs, planning a wedding usually involves making a few trade offs -- selecting the venue, the number of guests, the food, entertainment and, of course, the photography. But ultimately, the measurement of that special day is not tied to the luxury of the setting or layers of the cake, but to the precious memories that are created and preserved.

For many of these Dallas couples, skillful wedding photojournalism is a way to assure that the touching and profound moments from their wedding are captured -- regardless of where the event is held, or how much money is spent on accouterments. This is an important consideration for anyone planning a wedding on a budget.

Every bride has her unique priorities. Some brides dream their whole life about a wedding dress, so they will put a high priority on that. For others it’s photography or the custom wedding album, because that’s what lasts. It’s your own personal wedding memories, but great wedding photography is also about sharing with others -- into future generations.

When all is said and done, many of those trappings of the day -- food, flowers, decorations are going to be gone within hours. Certainly, you want to enjoy the experience and have a nice party for people, but the photos are going to be there forever. Your wedding photography contains 90% of your memories studies show.

"I have photographed weddings where the lighting was bad, the crowd was thick, and the time was too short. But when I share the wedding photos, none of that is remembered -- just the moment I capture as your wedding photographer!"

Make sure that whatever money you do allocate to photography is money well spent. The most experienced wedding photographer is a true expert at preserving those special moments -- even when the setting or venue may not be anything close to ideal.

We make your wedding photos into an ideal photojournalistic event full of all the beauty, love, spontaneity, emotion and action. We were recently challenged by a wedding in a winery painted in muted, dark tones, with little natural light, followed by a reception at a rather dark meeting hall. Although the conditions were budget, the result, were prints described as "incredibly beautiful.”

Our Dallas brides are definitely getting value, regardless of whether they choose our Orchid, Lily or Magnolia wedding photography package.

When juggling wedding costs, It is all about considering what is really important and staying true to your priorities. Don't trust your irreplaceable memories to just anyone. And those priorities are ultimately about the value of memories.

In surveys of newlyweds on their 1-year anniversary, when asked what was the #1 thing they would have changed, at the top of the list is "I would have spent more on my wedding photography."

When the flowers are gone, the cake is eaten, the dress is in storage -- your wedding photos and memories will last forever.

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