Wedding Trends for 2010

2010 Is A Great Time For Love, and brides get to be in-the-know about what is the "in" trends in weddings:

• For Colors: Purple Is The New Black. Purple is passion! Purple is versatile, leaning towards either blue or red in its hue. Bolder color schemes include bridal accessories, to bridesmaids gowns and to your florals and even the invitations. This goes hand in hand with a "theme" wedding but that trend is one you probably already know about.

Wedding Videography goes HD. Yes, now professional wedding video can take advantage of that big LCD or Plasma TV you have! To learn more, click here.

• For Gowns: the two trends of vintage gowns and high-glamour gowns create an interesting interatction. For the reception, lose the train and the bustle and change into a shorter skirt, recpetion-specific gown.

• Wedding Budget Priorities. Couples realize the most important things are making an impression and getting great memories. Couples want their photos in Digital format as well as Online Galleries. More money is allocated to truly professional wedding phtogography, so go with experienced couture wedding imagery by Wedding Photographer Dallas.

Second, smaller Dallas destination weddings will be in vogue throughout 2010. Well-to-do couples will turn on the charm for a gala affair. Others will document a less extravagant wedding with tasteful photography and videography.

Reception Entertainment: High end weddings will opt for a live band (again increasing the glamour and making a memorable impression) while the rest of the couples will more often choose the inexpensive iPod as their DJ. By picking and programming their own songs ahead of time, they know they will like what they hear and dance to and can guaranteee a match for their guests. That means that the traditional wedding disc jockey will either lower prices or increase his value with light shows and emceeing and more.

• Wedding Photography: Formal and posed shots will always be included, but more and more couples are adding candid, photojournalistic photography. Black and white photos continue to be popular, as an addition to shots in color. Ask us how we provide that for you.

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