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Dallas brides and grooms often ask "How far in advance of my wedding date should I book my wedding photographer?"

I get all kinds of brides and grooms that are either the last-minute types of 1-2 months out up to 2 years out. But my suggestion is that you want to put a retainer fee down to reserve your wedding date, if possible, 6-8 months before your wedding day.  There are several reasons why this is a good idea...

First you want to make sure your Dallas wedding photographer is available on your date. Wait too long and they're likely to already be booked – forcing you to settle for second best. I have some weddings booked just over a year out, and a few 2-3 months out, but most of them are 6-8 months prior to the wedding date.

"My wedding is closer than that, does that mean I should not bother using you as my first choice for my Dallas wedding photography?"

No, it never hurts to ask. Go ahead and let me know your wedding date, especially it is is a non-Saturday (usually Friday and Sunday are becoming more and more popular choices for weddings)

Second, booking your Dallas wedding photography with my studio means you have adequate time to get amazing Dallas Bridal Portraits and Dallas Engagement Portraits. You want time to get your dress and get it tailored / fitted. You want time to take your engagement portraits on a day in Dallas with great weather.

Lastly, it gives us time to get to know each other by working together in your bridal and engagement portraits. This frees you to enjoy the whole wedding planning and wedding day. I welcome the opportunity to serve you with great wedding photography, so call my studio at 877-858-0071 and reserve your wedding date!