How To Pick A Great Dallas Wedding Videographer

Choosing the right Dallas wedding videographer to capture your wedding day can be a challenge, if brides don't know to ask the right questions.

With all of the planning that goes into your wedding, you would hope that, with the preciousness of your wedding day memories, brides and grooms in Dallas would care to make sure their wedding videographer is a true professional, not a hobbyist using their wedding as a learning experience.

These days 40% of brides report after their wedding day, that they wish they spent MORE of their budget on their wedding video. - so that they could have enjoyed better results when they watch their wedding video year after year.

Of course you need to like your wedding videographers actual images, but here are signs of the best Dallas wedding videographer:

• Do they have experience? Are they reliable?

• How many video camera are being used? More than one camera will take more editing time and effort by your wedding videographer, but results in a better wedding video. This way your video can "cut" back and forth between multiple camera angles. 2 cameras is usually enough and 3 is even better but commands a higher price tag.

• Does your Dallas wedding videographer shoot in true High Definition (HD video). High definition will make for a beautiful wedding DVD that will be crisp and details on any size TV.

• Is your Dallas wedding videographer familiar with your wedding venue? Have they shot there before? Do they have additional lighting for areas? Lighting is key to a beautiful wedding video. Your lighting will be affected by the venue, time of day and so forth. We are experienced professionals with pro HD video cameras that work well in the full range of lighting conditions from a bright sunny day to an intimate candlelight ceremony or nightclub type of wedding reception setting.

• Put it in writing: make sure you get a written Dallas wedding video contract. That keeps everything clear and professional – including the time your wedding video editing will be complete.

• Do they offer you a true "retainer" agreement? We hear sad stories where either unprofessional or greedy wedding videographers jump ship to a different bride and groom who is buying a larger wedding package, leaving the original bride and groom (you!) stranded with little time to get a good videographer at the last minute!

That is precisely why we allow you to place us "under retainer". Better than a "deposit", your retainer with us for you wedding video guarantees your time and date are locked in NO MATTER WHAT. We operate on a "first booked, first served" basis and you can rest assured that we'll be there on time with professional equipment for beautiful results!

To answer any questions of book your Dallas Wedding Videography, simply call 877-858-0071.