Rex and Jazmine's Dallas Wedding Photography

Rex and Jazmine enjoyed a wonderful Christian Indian wedding in Dallas at the Hotel Intercontinental. Their Lily Wedding Photography package included unlimited photography throughout from preparation through reception as well as a gorgeous Italian Flush-Mount (aka magazine style) wedding album with custom design. We also provided their wedding videography, and they qualified for our special promotion discount (ask us how you can too).

Their online gallery made sharing their wedding photos with family and friends worldwide.

To reserve your 2990 Dallas wedding date, call 214-703-0360.


Dallas Wedding Photographer for Unforgettable Photography

Imaging the joy from experiencing your Dallas wedding through beautiful photography. Every detail, every playful gesture, every kiss - retold with passion and elegance. At Wedding Photographer Dallas, we immortalize your wedding day using a combination of artistic, traditional and journalistic digital photography.

Every emotion retold in stunning detail and color -- the loving gaze, the hand of reassurance, the joyful tear -- each preserved as uniquely as your love.

Brides and grooms choose our popular wedding packages for our taste and style, the ability to own all your photos on high-resolution CDs, and exquisite wedding albums.

Call us with your wedding date at 214-703-0360 and let our Dallas wedding photographer capture your unforgettable wedding photography.


New Year's Wedding Photographer

New Year's Makes for such a beautiful time to get married. The time of newness beckons to start your new lives together. As one person put it, "When you know the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

Wedding Photographer Dallas
has served several New Year's weddings with both fine photography and video packages.

Lindsey and Marie were one such couple. They were so full of joy that they laughed through the whole wedding ceremony and reception!

So if New Year's stirs your needs for Dallas wedding photography or videography, call us at 214-703-0360.

Origins of Christmas - Meaning Revealsed

Christmas Origin - The Messiah's Birth Foretold
The Christmas origin begins with the predictions of Christ over the many centuries before His birth. The sceptre (a Hebrew symbol of governmental authority) shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh (Hebrew, the "Messiah") come; and unto Him shall the gathering of the people be. (Genesis 49:10).

"But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting." (Micah 5:2). Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel. (literally, "God-with-us" in Hebrew) (Isaiah 7:14). For unto us a child is born, unto to us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6 KJV).

The fulfillment of over 300 Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah started with Christmas. As you can see above, these predictions included (i) the time of His birth being before the Jewish people lost their sovereign power to 1st Century Rome when Archelaus took the throne in Israel; (ii) Bethlehem, a small insignificant town, being the place of His birth; and (iii) that He would be born of a virgin. All of these prophecies show up in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Septuagint versions of the Jewish scriptures, which have been established by secular sources as predating Jesus Christ by between 100 and 250 years. It is amazing to note that when Israel's religious elite cried, "Woe to us, for the scepter has been removed and the Messiah has not come!" (Talmud, Babylon, Sanhedrin), Jesus had already been born and He was growing as a young boy in Galilee.

Christmas Origin - God's Plan for the World Revealed
The Christmas origin has pagan roots. That is well documented. The Christmas season is sadly over-commercialized. That is apparent to all of us. However, the message of Christmas is true, and the implications of Jesus' historical birth in Bethlehem about 2,000 years ago are enormous for all of us. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, humbled Himself and came to the world as a little baby born in a manger. Was He born on December 25th? Probably not - that's a date chosen by the early Roman church to correspond to a preexistent Winter solstice festival. Regardless, the truth of His birth (whether in late summer, early autumn, or otherwise) cannot be denied. Jesus Christ was undoubtedly an historic figure, and His purpose was simply to fulfill the meaning of His name, "The Lord Saves."

After His birth, Jesus grew to be a man and started His public ministry at the age of 30. He was called many things by many people, including a great man, a great teacher and a great prophet. He did remarkable wonders and acts of charity, and He died a horrible death on a Roman cross for the crime of blasphemy. But was Jesus Christ God incarnate? Did He rise from the dead three days after His crucifixion? Christmas is a time to genuinely open our hearts and earnestly seek the truth about our Messiah. Jesus told us who He was and is - He didn't mince words. "I am the way, the truth and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by Me." (John 14:6). "He that believes on the Son receives everlasting life" (John 3:36).

Christmas Origin - The Greatest Gift of All!
The Christmas origin, at its meaningful heart, began about 2,000 years ago in a manger in Bethlehem. The Christmas story is simple -- Jesus wishes to be born within your heart today! As we hustle about the shopping malls this Christmas season looking for that perfect gift, let's all reflect on the greatest Christmas gift of all. Open your heart to the Messiah who was born in a manger in humility, died on a cross in love, and rose from the grave in glory. Accept the gift of Jesus Christ this Christmas - the most glorious gift in all history!

Accept Your Free Gift Now


Love at Christmas

God's expression of committed love was to send His Son, Jesus the Messiah, in a human body to, not just tell, but show us what God is like and the love He wants us to live out to each other.

What a beautiful way to join in that love by getting married during the Christmas holidays. As a bride-to-be or a groom you naturally understand that love was never meant to die. The whole point of committing your lives to each other is to always live, being that giving kind of covenant love for each other.

God is all about a forever romance. Although He did send His beloved Son to be born in order to live a life of perfect love and then die, that death was only the first part of the story. Jesus died For us; although perfectly pure and innocent, He lovingly volunteered to take sin (unlove) all into himself and then die, thereby also killing sin's power to separate us from an eternal love-relationship with God. Jesus died to kill the power of sin to ruin our hearts and lives -- so that real love could live free.

Jesus then overcame death itself and rose back to life, proved his resurrection to His disciples and then returned to heaven where, exactly like a bridegroom, he is preparing a place for those that love Him (believers are called his "bride') to live in this forever love. Jesus is returning to Earth to take us to live with himself where we will give and receive perfect love in unedning heaven. It is ALL ABOUT True Love.

This Christmas, remember that "We love because Jesus loved us First." (1 John 4:19) May Jesus the Messiah live in your hearts as we commemorate his birth.

For wedding photo and video services click here.

For an article on this subject, click here.

Here is what John, the disciple who experienced Jesus firsthand for years, writes about God's love: 1 John 4:7 – 5:3

My beloved friends, let us continue to love each other since love comes from God. Everyone who loves is born of God and experiences a relationship with God. The person who refuses to love doesn't know the first thing about God, because God is love—so you can't know him if you don't love. This is how God showed his love for us: God sent his only Son Jesus into the world so we might live through him. This is the kind of love we are talking about—not that we once upon a time loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to clear away our sins and the damage they've done to our relationship with God.

My dear, dear friends, if God loved us like this, we certainly ought to love each other. No one has seen God, ever. But if we love one another, God dwells deeply within us, and his love becomes complete in us—perfect love!

This is how we know we're living steadily and deeply in him, and he in us: He's given us life from his life, from his very own Spirit. Also, we've seen for ourselves and continue to state openly that the Father sent his Son Jesus as Savior of the world. Everyone who confesses that Jesus is God's Son participates continuously in an intimate relationship with God. We know it so well, we've embraced it heart and soul, this love that comes from God.

God is love. When we take up permanent residence in a life of love, we live in God and God lives in us. This way, love has the run of the house, becomes at home and mature in us, so that we're free of worry on Judgment Day—our standing in the world is identical with Christ's. There is no room in love for fear. Well-formed love banishes fear. Since fear is crippling, a fearful life—fear of death, fear of judgment—is one not yet fully formed in love.

We, though, are going to love—love and be loved. First we were loved, now we love. God loved us first.
If anyone boasts, "I love God," and goes right on hating his brother or sister, thinking nothing of it, he is a liar. If he won't love the person he can see, how can he love the God he can't see? The command we have from Christ is unmistakeable: Loving God includes loving people. You've got to love both.

Every person who believes that Jesus is, in fact, the Messiah, is God-begotten. If we love the One who conceives the child, we'll surely love the child who was conceived. The reality test on whether or not we love God's children is this: Do we love God? Do we keep his commands? The proof that we love God comes when we keep his commandments and they are not at all troublesome.


How to Enjoy Great Wedding Photos

So, as a bride or groom, how can you rest assured that you will enjoy great wedding photos AFTER the ceremony?

It’s the day you have been waiting your whole life for.
It’s your day to indulge in everything you’ve ever wanted and look your most beautiful.
It’s all about you.
We understand.

First of all, if you like what you see here, you will like the photos themselves and our high end wedding photography style -- www.WeddingPhotographerDallas.com/galleries.html

With that out of the way, here are the three top tips to make your photos as FUN and ENJOYABLE as possible:

1. Do hire a wedding planner. As your wedding photographer, I am responsible for how your day flows visually. However, your wedding planner is there to take the stress out of the day with how everything else flows. When you are fully in the moment instead of thinking about what needs to happen next, you're happier and is shows in your photos :-)

2. Do make use of daylight. Weddings simply tend to run a bit late due to a thousand things so start earlier than you think you need to. For outdoor weddings, you can have a gorgeous sunset AFTER your ceremony, but you don't want to exit the isle in the dark! Sure, we have flash lighting, but the most natural and beautiful wedding photos are when we work WITH natural light and enhance it by subtle fill light.

3. Do see your groom for a First Meet before the ceremony. While its been traditional to wait for the groom to see you walking down the aisle here are the advantages:

• It helps the flow of the day and allows you to get the best photos possible with your groom

• After the ceremony you want to celebrate and soak in the congratulations. Having guests waiting on you back at the reception while you do photos is not something you need to be thinking about while we capture your memories for you.

• Meeting before the ceremony reassures each of you and makes the rest of the day that much more fun.

The more photos you can get out of the way before the ceremony, the more time you have to truly enjoy the experience of your day in the midst of the whirlwind that is swirling around you.

We recommend taking the following before the ceremony: (preferably outdoors)
• Bride with bridesmaids
• Groom with groomsmen
• Your dress and hair on your day
• You as a couple sharing the love and eager anticipation

Now, I pronounce you free to love your results!
Call our studio at 214-703-0360 to reserve your wedding date.


Loving Your Wedding Photography

Here's what one happy couple from Martha Stewart Weddings, wrote about their experience:

Your wedding photorapher should both be unseen in one sense, but also there encouraging you to -show- the joy you are feeling inside. That was the way it was with mine. We had a Dallas destination wedding and chose www.WeddingPhotographerDallas.com -- the work was great, the personality was great. We just got the album back in time for Christmas and we are delighted - every emotion, our expressions, the details, and the Joy - is all right there to enjoy. You know, after things like flowers and cake are long gone I know these photographs are what we will cherish!

To book your 2010 or 2011 wedding, call our Dallas Wedding Photography Studios at 214-703-0360.


Timeless Engagement Portraits- Dallas

It is a special time to get engaged, you want to remember that with artistic engagement portraits from Wedding Photographer Dallas. Our $100 OFF Special is still in effect till 4/15/2010 but only valid by mentioning this blog post!

So if you have recently become engaged, call us and reserve your date. We prefer outdoor locations to photograph you and your finacé and know of great locational all around Dallas.

Celebrate your love and call 214-703-0360.


SAME DAY Wedding Video Announcement

Special Announcement: We are now offering 2009 Dallas Brides and Grooms an exciting new service that will amaze you and entertain your guests -- SAME DAY Wedding Video. Imagine enjoying watching your wedding video highlights at your reception!

Here is how it works: at your wedding reception that night, we will project a HD Video of your wedding earlier that day featuring highlights from your:

Preparation • Ceremony • Cocktail Hour • Formal introductions • First Dance

We bring a special video crew & equipment that records these moments and edits them, in HD Video glory, right then and there into a unique and stunning video presentation that is projected onscreen to you and your guests. All we require is at least 2.5 hours from your first dance till the video presentation.

This special service is available as a standalone service for only $1,800 or as a $1,500 upgrade to our HD Platinum and HD Diamond wedding video packages.

You get to keep your HD Same Day Highlights presentation on a special Blueray™ DVD.

Your retaner of half holds your Same Day Wedding Video date. (non-refundable). We accept payment in Check, Cash, or PayPal online.

We encourage you to call us at 214-703-0360 to reserve your date.


Our Digital Wedding Photography Advantage

In traditional photography, light is captured to film and then processed (developed) using chemicals to produce a negative. Light is then passed through the negative on to another chemically treated piece of paper that is then developed in to a photograph (a positive, aka a print).

In our digital photography, the same light is captured electronically and then turned into data that can then be read by any computer. Then we can print your images directly from our computers with no loss of quality. Our digital wedding photography bypasses the extra steps, costs and uncertainties of chemicals and film so we can pass the savings along to you.

The first advantage Wedding Photographer Dallas offers with its fine weding photography is that our digital photo system allows us to make instant corrections so you know your photos will be their best. Instant feedback -- lighting, eyes that blinked, glare off of glasses, etc.. We see the photo that was taken on the back of our camera's high-resolution display. If there is any issue, we simply re-take the photo on the spot.

We use professional Nikon digital camera equipment costing thousands for the best possible results.

Our Dallas Wedding Photography system allows us to display the image on the camera's screen, computer monitor, or television for an instant review of your images.

The first major difference is in image reproduction. In traditional photography you get one set of negatives and every image that you print has to come from those negatives and if you lose or scratch that one set of negatives you can no longer print you images. Each photographic print is another process of chemicals and paper, and that is one generation away from the original, so quality is always lost.

Not so with our digital wedding photography. Our professional-quality digital advantage allows us to copy your photo data as many time as you want with zero loss of quality - no generation loss. Print your photos anytime and anywhere at will! They remain fresh and vibrant forever.

No film to go bad. No negatives to scratch. No images to lose.

With film photography, there are lots of problems that could result in the loss or destruction of your images that our digital photography avoids altogether (i.e. film could be bad, problem with the shutter, light could get to your film, damaged or destroyed during development, not processed with the freshest chemicals, etc.).

At Wedding Photographer Dallas we have eliminated all the danger areas that plagues film photography, upgrading your photos to our state-of-the-art wedding photo technology to ensure your complete delight!

Wedding Photography Dallas also includes, in each of our wedding packages, a CD of all your photos. This CD master is yours to keep. You can take your CD to any photo store and receive prints of your size at your time. This is the ultimate in flexibility and freedom. Email to friends, make unlimited prints... the choice is yours.

We welcome your call at 214-703-0360 if you have and questions or to set up your personal wedding photography consultation.


Angela & Brad Dallas Wedding Video

Angela and Brad got married at SMU in Dallas. Here is a sneak peak of a moment in their Wedding Video. Enjoy!

For high-end wedding videography, see our professional SD and HD wedding video packages.

We even offer an exclusive Same Day Video Presentation at your wedding reception: learn more.

Then call our Dallas studio at 214-703-0360 to reserve your wedding day.

Stunning Engagement Portrait Photo Treatment

Here's a great tip for giving your Dallas engagement portraits both a high-fashion and art look!

Have your engagement photographer take one of your portraits and overlay textures on top of it.

This photographic technique works whether your engagement portrait is color or black and white.

This is the sort of treatment we can provide to adventuresome couples at Wedding Photographer Dallas.

Enjoy and call our Dallas studio at 214-703-0360 for you engagement portrait needs or click here to see what our engagement photography package includes.


Shelly and Kit's Wedding Album

Shelly and Kit ordered a custom square album. These images show two pages side by side as it looks with the album opened. We told the romantic story of their wedding day through our photos.

They also received two smaller albums for each set of parents. To see more of their custom wedding album, click here.

Enjoy these Dallas wedding album samples and let us create one-of-a-kind wedding photography and videography for your wedding day. Call our wedding studio at 214-703-0360 to see if your date is available.


Earn Credit Toward Your Bridal Portraits

Did you know that Wedding Photographer Dallas allows you to earn credit towards your bridal portrait session when you get their wedding photography packages? That's right:

Receive $100 credit towards Bridal Portraits with our Magnolia package.

Receive $150 credit towards Bridal Portraits with our Lily package.

Receive $200 credit towards Bridal Portraits with our Orchid package.

Rather use that credit towards your Engagement Portraits? Yes, now you can.

Call our wedding photographers at 214-703-0360 to schedule your digital wedding photography services.


2010 Brides Enjoy True HD Wedding Videography

Wedding Photographer Dallas is proud to announce two exquisite additions to our fine wedding video services -- true HD Wedding Videography.

Our HD PLATIMUM and HD DIAMOND video packages expand upon our SD Silver and SD Gold video packages by offering camerawork in true "1080p" -- the pinnacle of video quality.

Click Here to view details on all Dallas Wedding Video packages.

For the discriminating bride and groom who want the story of their wedding day told in artistic documentary style, our HD videographers deliver as good as it gets! It is no exxageration to call these wedding videos masterpieces in their own right and you will thrill to watch them again and again!

We provide you with widescreen DVDs or you can upgrade to Blueray™ DVDs.

2010 dates are limited so call us at 214-703-0360 to reserve your High Definition Wedding Video.


What to Wear for your Dallas Engagement Portraits

You want to wear something that you both feel comfortable in and can move around in. For pants, that usually means jeans or khakis. For tops, wear something similar, but not identical.

Pure white shirts are too easy to get overexposed in your shots, so I recommend off-whites -- beige, sky blue, etc. To look nice, but still open and free, lots of couples like button down the front shirts that can be tucked in or untucked.

Portrait Setting
Also consider the setting of your engagement photos. Most couples want an outdoor, open park setting, preferably with some water. For Dallas engagement photography, there are some settings, each with a different feel.

Central Dallas: the parks and gardens in the White Rock Lake area give an open, active and fresh feeling.

Downtown Dallas: go for the uptown look, dress a little more formal with the feel of buildings and shopping in the Background.

Out On The Town: I know some great spots that offer both private areas as well as the out-together look.

North Dallas: there are two specific very nice outdoor areas I use, one with large rocks and bridges of streams and fountains, the other with a nature trail and nice white gazebo.

A Taste of Italy: The Los Colinas canals are a popular choice with cobblestones and its bridge over the canal. The stonework and faux window shutters give an endearing European impression.

Gritty: Deep Ellum offers some contemporary settings where urban graffiti forms the backdrop for your portraits.

Malls: Malls offer the on-the-go stylings in a carefree environment if you know how to photograph inside them.

Back To Clothes
This photo might have been a nice engagement photo except that they wore all black. Wear solids but not all black or white. Your clothes should not be busy with patterns, stripes and such to distract from you. For the most part, keep the colors light and not overly bright as that too can distract from your loving faces :-)

Your engagement photos are a reflection of you as a couple, so pick wear something that is you and not just something you think will look good in.

Our Dallas engagement photography package details can be found here.
Call our engagement photographer at 972-822-3587 to book your Dallas Engagement Photography Portraits.


Exclusive iPod Wedding Photography Offer

Exclusive iPod Wedding Photography Offer from Wedding Photorapher Dallas

Dallas ipod Wedding PhotoWhen you choose Wedding Photographer Dallas for your wedding -- our Orchid Package, Lily Package or Magnolia Package -- you are eligible to get Your Wedding Photos, as you leave your wedding reception, on a white Apple iPod engraved with your names.
Imagine being able to take it all with you right away -- no waiting for CDs, Galleries or Albums. See each moment, each expression and the photos of your wedding in the palm of your hand!
Engraved iPod Wedding PhotoSimply add the iPod to the wedding package of your choice and the personalized, engraved, Apple iPod -- full of your wedding photos from your ceremony a moment before -- will accompany you as you celebrate your honeymoon.
This MP3 player holds hundreds of your favorite songs and lets you play videos and store photos galore. Take all your wedding photos with you, wherever you go. No wedding albums to lug around. No fear of smudging the pictures. In addition, your iPod wedding photos easily plug into any television as a slideshow for all to see.
We let you take the joy with you through our Dallas Digital Wedding Photography. Call us to reserve your wedding date: 214-703-0360.
Two iPod Options:
iPod Wedding Photographer iPod Classic: 80 gig. 2.5" screen. Engraved.
iPod Wedding Photography iPod Nano: 8 gig. 2" screen. Engraved.


Frequently Asked Wedding Photography Questions

Q. Why would I be a nut to go anywhere else?
Would you trust "forever" to just anyone? Your wedding photographer may only be about 20% of your total budget, but the photos I provide will become 90% of your memories. Your special day deserves to be in the hands of a professional that personally works to immortalize your love. I love photographing weddings and it shows in the photos of joy and celebration you will treasure for a lifetime.

Q. What is your wedding photography style?
My work can best be described as "artistic wedding photojournalism". I will document your day by capturing your emotions while adding my artistic perspective to each shot. Really, my wedding photography is a combination of what brides and grooms want for different facets of their wedding day:
• Your ceremony preparation photos photojournalistic style
• Your ceremony photos are documentation style
• Your formal group photos are traditional style
• Your reception is a fun combination of all of the above
• Your Engagement or Bridal Portraits are magazine style
Q. Why should we hire you?
Choose me because I "click" with your vision. Keep reading...

Q. How long you've been photographing weddings?
I took photos with professional gear since age 17. I have won an award from Kodak. I have won first place in Texas for color photography. I have 10 years in professional wedding photography and I love it.
Q. What type of equipment do you use?
I shoot Dallas weddings with high-end digital Nikon camera systems. I use a superb professional camera that won camera of the year and whose fine image quality and high resolutions means that you can enjoy wonderful enlargements from any photo.

Q. Where can we see your work?
Please visit my wedding photography gallery. I also have wedding photos to show in person along with wedding albums to hold in your hands and feel the quality.

Q. Should we meet?
Yes, call me to arrange an informal meeting at a nearby Starbucks: 214-703-0360.

Q. Will we get a contract?
Yes, I put everything in writing to keep all expectations clear for everyone's benefit.

Q. Are there travel, location or setup fees?
I do not charge for travel within the greater Dallas / Forth Worth area. I am available worldwide and travel is arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Can we have a CD of our photos?
Yes, I provide this service at no additional charge. Your wedding photo CD is at full resolution with unlimited reproduction rights!

Q. Can all of our pictures be posted online?
Yes, I provide this service at no additional charge. The gallery is good for 3 months, so order your photos online while you can. This is fabulous for family and friends as well as those who could not be at your ceremony -- to see every photo and get a print of all the ones the like without bugging you. You can also make prints from the CD I give you.

Q. Can our friends order photos online?
Yes. Share the link to your online gallery with anyone you want to see your wedding photos.

Q. How long should we wait until we can see our photos?
Usually in 14 days.

Q. What type of albums do you offer?
I have flush mount book style and Fine Art Italian magazine style albums. These exquisite wedding albums are hand-designed for your specific photos. I offer several sizes. Learn more.

Q. Can we have the high resolution files?
Yes, high resolution photos are included!

Q. Do you offer engagement photography?
Yes. Our Enragement or Bridal portrait sessions are $495 each. You will get 50-100 photos total. When you choose me to do your wedding engagement photos, you are eligible for discounts of $150, $200 or $250 towards your engagement or bridal photography depending on which package you choose.

Q. Do you offer rehearsal dinner coverage?
Yes, as requested for an additional $295.

Q. Can we have parent books?
Yes. You can have smaller copies for each type of the album as well full size parent albums. Call for details and pricing.

Q. How much extra for destination wedding photography?
Please contact me for domestic or international travel fees.

Q. Where are you located?
I am a Dallas, Texas based photographer, however, I photograph weddings worldwide including beach weddings and multi-day wedding celebrations.

Q. What is the best advice you can give us?
Perhaps two pieces of advice I can give are:
First: let it be light! By planning the wedding Ceremony during daylight hours and making sure the Reception lighting is not completely dimmed you will help me s to minimize the use of flashes. Your photographs will look more natural and more attractive plus your guests will suffer less from bright flashes.

The second advice is: limit the guest photography. The atmosphere of your Ceremony affected already by the presence of hired photographers, assistants and videographers. Now imagine guests standing around you entire Ceremony with flashing and beeping consumer cameras, preventing a photographer from taking important images and interfering with your elegant ceremony atmosphere. It not only will distract bridal party from looking at the main camera, but will also extend the session itself, taking away precious time that could be spent celebrating with family and guests.

Call me at 214-703-0360 to meet and reserve your special day!


Dallas Wedding Photography Packages

Announcing my wedding photography packages for 2009.

Each wedding photography package is designed to immortalize your love with memories you will cherish for a lifetime! At a glance, our Dallas area wedding packages are the Orchid Plus ($5,500), the Orchid ($4,500), the Lily Plus ($3,500), the Lily ($2,800), and the Magnolia ($1,800).

The Orchid Plus and the Orchid packages both feature our flagship Italian wedding album in the grand 12x16" size.

The Lily Plus and the Lily packages both include the same style deluxe leather Italian album, but at a horizontal 9.5x13" size.

All packages include Unlimited Digital Photography during your time plus all your photos both on CD-Rom and a full-featured Online Gallery. In addition, each photo package includes credit towards either Bridal or Engagement portrait sessions.

Click Here for an overview page that compares hours and details of all packages, or link directly to each package's details page:
Orchid Plus
Liily Plus

You can customize any wedding photography package with these add ons:
• Second Photographer: $500
• Miniature Parent-sized album: $275
• One hundred 4x6" prints: $100

Congratulations on your wedding and thank you for choosing our fine wedding photography services. Choose the package that fits your special day and feel free to contact our studio direct at 214-703-0360 to discuss your specific needs or to see if we have your wedding date available.


Today's Dallas Wedding Photography Trends

Leafing through glossy magazines in 1940s and '50s, engaged couples began to see something new -- candid, intimate photographs of celebrity and royal weddings taken by photojournalists. Sure, there were formal poses, but many photos captured the moment, for better or worse :)
Wedding PhotojournalismIn 1956 magazines worldwide gave the royal treatment to the grand wedding of actress Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier of Monaco, devoting full-page spreads to candid moments, such as a pensive Princess Grace gazing over a balcony before the ceremony and the couple exchanging rings.

Invite photojournalists to your wedding and they'll do what they do best -- record the moment with candid, humorous, touching photos. Artful images of unfettered moments have universal appeal, and these early photographs helped spark a new genre of Dallas wedding photography.

Decades later this documentary approach has evolved to what it is now: a popular option in wedding photography that captures the story behind the ceremony. Today it's available to everyone, not just celebrities, and our photojournalistic wedding photography shows it best.

Marcus Kaiser, a Dallas, Texas wedding photographer, has earned a degree in fine art, and applies this training in timeless composition and style photographing weddings and bridal portraits. Today, my years of experience help me know when a "perfect moment" is around the corner. I am poised with my camera, ready to capture that instant.

Capturing real moments on one of the most transforming days in people's lives is what wedding photography is about. Mark's fine art training taught him to create images that transcend the ordinary to become amazing, so that anyone looking at his powerful wedding pictures will be moved.

Whereas traditional wedding photography follows a common script for wedding photos, a mixture of photojournalistic style takes advantage of unscripted moments in order to best tell the story.

Today, we credit brides and grooms for furthering the development of wedding photojournalism photography. "Weddings are exciting to shoot today because people are so visual now," he says, and that carries over to location, fashion, and details, like flowers. "People want art photos. They want something more engaging than their parent's wedding pictures."

As your Dallas wedding photographer, my camera allows the viewer to "go behind the scenes" as it were and be a true participant in the adventure and joy of covenant love.

Call us at 972-822-3587 to reserve your wedding day.


High End Dallas Bridal Portraits

Many Dallas wedding photographers approach bridal portraits as an afterthought. We approach it like an art! Others spend 30 minutes on your bridal portrait. We spend over 2 hours to give our brides beautiful portrait photography that is exactly right.

We go on-location to photograph you in the setting and lighting that accentuates your inner beauty. The results speak for themselves.

Call Mark at Wedding Photographer Dallas to book your bridal portraits at 214-703-0360.


12 Month Wedding Countdown for Brides

Dallas Wedding Planning Guide for Brides
12+ months before your wedding:
Envision your wedding and draw up a budget.
Assemble your "planning team." Consider hiring a wedding consultant.
Pick a wedding date and time. Select several options, then check with your venues, officiant, and important guests before finalizing. Select your wedding photographer and wedding photography package.

Start planning the guest list.
Look for and book ceremony and reception sites.
Ask friends and relatives to be in the wedding party.
Optional: Have an engagement party. Consider if you want Engagement Portraits. You may want to register beforehand for gifts.

8-10 months before your wedding.
Bride: Shop for, and order your gown.
Envision reception food.
Decide what type of entertainment you want. A pianist for the cocktail hour, strolling violinists, a DJ, or band?
Think about your floral decor.
Research and book your wedding professionals. Interview vendors: photographer, videographer, reception band or DJ, florist.
Reserve accommodations for out-of-town guests.
Register for gifts.
Contact rental companies if you need to rent anything for ceremony/reception, such as chairs, tables, and tent.

6-8 months before your Wedding
Book ceremony musicians.
Order bridesmaid dresses.
Start planning honeymoon.
Send save-the-date cards. This is a particularly good idea if you're marrying during a tourist or holiday season or having a destination wedding.

4-6 months before your Wedding
Attend prewedding counseling, if desired.

Have your bridal portraits taken.

Shop for and order invitations and wedding rings.
Shop for formalwear.
Renew or get passports, if necessary.
Envision your wedding cake and research, interview, and book a cake designer.

3 months before your Wedding
Order wedding cake.
Hire a calligrapher, if you want your invitations professionally addressed.
Attend your shower. (It may be earlier, depending on when hosts decide to have it.)
Groom: Rent the men's formalwear.
Hire wedding-day transport: limousines, other cars. Look into transportation sooner if you're considering renting streetcars or over-the-top travel.

2 months before your Wedding
Mail your invitations.
Write your vows.
Purchase gifts for parents, attendants, and each other.
Book your stylist and try out big-day hairstyles.
Book a makeup artist and go for a trial run.

1 month before your Wedding
Apply for a marriage license. Check with the local bureau in the town where you'll wed.
Bride: Have final gown fitting. Bring your maid of honor along to learn how to bustle your dress. Have the dress pressed and bring it home.
Call all bridesmaids. Make sure they have their gowns ready for the wedding.
Create a wedding program to hand out to guests.

2 weeks before your Wedding
Review final RSVP list and call any guests who have not yet sent a response.
Deliver must-have shot lists to your wedding photographer and videographer. Include who should be in formal portraits and determine when in the flow of your wedding day that portraits will be taken.
Deliver final song list to your DJ or bandleader. Include special song requests and songs you don't want played.
Bride: Get your last prewedding haircut and color.
1 week before your Wedding
Give reception site/caterer final guest head count. Include vendors, such as the photographer or band members, who will expect a meal. Ask how many extra plates the caterer will prepare.
Supply location manager with a list of vendor requests such as a table for DJ or setup space needed by florist.
Plan reception seating chart.
Print place and table cards, or finalize list with the calligrapher you have hired to do so.
Call all wedding vendors and confirm arrangements.
Give ceremony and reception site managers a schedule of vendor delivery and setup times, plus contact numbers.
Groom: Get your hair trimmed.
Attend bachelor/ette parties.

2-3 days before your Wedding
Bride: Have your gown pressed or steamed.
Groom: Go for final fitting and pick up your formalwear.
Groom: Ask the best man to make sure all groomsmen attend fittings and pick up their outfits.
Determine wedding-party positions during ceremony and the order of the party in the processional and recessional.
Hand off place cards, table cards, menus, disposable cameras, favors, and any other items for setting the tables to the caterer and/or reception site manager.
Reconfirm final details with all vendors. Discuss any necessary last-minute substitutions.
Call the limousine company for pickup times and locations.
Arrange for guests without cars to be picked up from the airport or train station. Ask friends, attendants, or relatives to help.
Deliver welcome baskets to the hotel concierge; make sure to include names and delivery instructions.
Day before your Wedding
Provide all wedding professionals with an emergency phone number to call on the day of the wedding.
Write checks and/or talk to wedding hosts (usually your parents, if not you) about any final balances to be paid.
Night before your Wedding
Rehearse ceremony. Meet with wedding party, ceremony readers, immediate family, and your officiant at the ceremony site to rehearse and iron out details.
Bring unity candle, aisle runner, yarmulkes, or other ceremony accessories to the site.
Give your marriage license to your officiant.
Attend rehearsal dinner.
Present attendants with gifts at the rehearsal dinner. You'll want to do this especially if the gifts are accessories to be worn during the wedding.

Day of your Wedding - Enjoy!

Present parents and each other with gifts.
Give wedding bands to the best man and the maid of honor to hold during the ceremony.
Give best man the officiant's fee envelope, to be handed off after the ceremony.
Introduce your reception site manager to your consultant or maid of honor for questions or problems during the reception.
After your Wedding
Arrange for someone to return any rentals.
Have attendants to take the bride's gown for cleaning and return the groom's tux to the rental shop.

View your wedding photography proofs and wedding album design.

Write and send thank-you notes to guests and vendors who were especially helpful.

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Shelly's Wedding Photography

Shelly and Kit enjoyed a beautiful wedding in Dallas. We took photos of the bridesmaids and groomsmen separately before the ceremony so the bride and groom would not see each other. I also snuck around and took some candids of them at the altar from a little doorway off of the stage. So often in Catholic weddings you only see the backsides of the bride and groom throughout the ceremony and I wanted to let you in on the expressions of joy on their faces - without disrupting anything. These are angles a Dallas Wedding video cannot capture!

Although there was a large wedding party but the formal photography went smoothly and quickly beucase we already had the bridemaids and groomsmen photographed earlier.

Then it was off to the lavish reception at a hotel in Plano. I started with photos of the setting and decorations - documenting the cake and centerpieces photojournalistic style - before the bride and groom made their grand entrance.

Fun was had by all with dancing into the night. Good thing I always bring extra batteries and memory cards as there were hundreds of opportunities for great images. Congratulations Shelly and Ken!

To reserve your wedding date, call Dallas Wedding photographer Marcus at 972-822-3587.


Your Wedding Ceremony Photo Checklist

Dallas Wedding Photographer - Call 972-822-3587
Our list of Traditional Photos we take
In addition to candid photo and image as of spontaneous fun, our wedding photography includes the following common traditional photos
Prior to the Ceremony
• Mother or Maid of Honor adjusting veil
• Bride putting on Garter with Bridesmaids looking on
• Bride in dressing room with mirror
• Portrait of Mother and Bride
• Portrait of Father and Bride
• Bride and Maid of Honor
• Bride and Bridesmaids
• Bride pinning corsage on Mother
• Bride pinning corsage on Father
• Flower Girl handing bouquet to Bride
• Brothers and Sisters and Bride
• Bride’s Mother on Usher’s arm
• Groom and Groomsmen
• Groom and Best Man
• Best Man adjusting Groom’s tie
• Groom and Father (shaking hands)
• Groom and Groom’s Parents
• Groom’s Mother on Usher’s arm
• Other people being accompanied down the aisle

During the Ceremony
• Bride escorted down the aisle by Father
• Father giving away the Bride
• Selected shots of moments during the Ceremony showing expression

• A wide view of overall Ceremony
• Bride and Groom coming down the aisle
• Wedding Party coming down the aisle
• Groom kissing the Bride at the Altar
• Exchanging of the Rings
• Bride and Bridesmaids
• Bride and Groomsmen
• Groom and Groomsmen
• Groom and Bridesmaids
• Bride and Maid of Honor
• Groom and Best Man
• Entire Wedding Party
• Entire Wedding Party with Clergy
• Bride with Parents
• Bride with Parents and In-Laws
• Groom with Parents
• Groom with Parents and In-Laws
• Bride and Groom with Parents
• Bride and Groom with Grandparents

At the Reception
• The receiving Line
• Wedding Cake (prior to being cut)
• Guests signing book
• Introduction of the Wedding Party
• Wedding Party making Toasts
• Bride and Groom making Toasts
• Bride and Father Dance
• Groom and Mother Dance
• Candid Dancing shots
• The bouquet Toss
• Groom removing Garter
• Groom throwing Garter
• Cutting the Cake
• Feeding the Cake to one another

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