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Wedding Photographer Dallas provides brides the opportunity to enjoy captivating imagery of your special day by experienced professional photographers and videographers. Every joy, every heartfelt look, every detail - beautifully captured. There for you to enjoy as a couple forever.

Our professional Dallas Wedding Photographers and Videographers work unobtrusively and deliver amazing results. Judge for yourself by looking at some wedding photography samples or wedding packages.

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Dallas Wedding Portrait Photographer

Dallas brides have good news, Wedding Photographer Dallas is keeping the beautiful wedding imagery coming your way. Here's a fun teaser below:

Those of you seeking a wedding photographer for your Dallas or Destination wedding, check out our value-packed wedding photography packages... and most importantly, enjoy resting in the fact that you know you will get great photos that celebrate your wedding day when you work with our professional wedding photographers.

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Dallas Wedding Photographer Photography Studio

Weddings are pure joy and celebration and I am so grateful to be a wedding photographer and get to be in the Presence of True Love and simply record that beauty in wedding photographs.

We also offer Indian and Destination weddings. Dallas brides, we are now accepting a select number of bookings for couture wedding photography. Call 214-703-0360.


Jazmine Dallas Bridal Portraits

Jazmine chose Wedding Photographer Dallas for her bridal portraits. Mark photographed her at the Dallas Arboretum for its many beautiful settings. Jazmine and her fiance chose the popular Lily Wedding Photography Package.

We've turned Bridal Photography into a Fine Art, with our own combination of lens and lighting techniques that promote a fresh, open and natural look to accentuate your beauty. We specialize in outdoor Dallas location bridal portraits. We dedicate 2 hours to each bridal photography session and give several looks with both close-up and full-body portraits.

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Shelly's Dallas Bridal Portrait Photography

Shelly came to Wedding Photographer Dallas for her bridal portraits. We took advantage of the many settings at the Dallas Arboretum to photograph this bride in great lighting. The results are vibrant and beautiful. Most of all Shelly was pleased and chose us for her wedding photography, picking the Lily Plus wedding photography package.

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New Dallas Wedding Photography Sampler

Just released, these Dallas wedding photos by digital photographer, Mark, highlight some recent Dallas Wedding Photography. Enjoy the samples below and imagine how choosing Mark to photograph your wedding will deliver beautiful images you will love for a lifetime.

Now booking weddings for end of 2009 and through 2010. Only 40 weddings accepted a year, so reserve your wedding date at 214-703-0360.


Dallas Indian Wedding Photographer and Videographers

Our award-winning Dallas wedding photography also extends to professional Dallas Indian Wedding Photography. Our Dallas Indian Wedding Photographers capture each detail of your wedding and ceremony for perfect memories.

We have custom Indian wedding packages featuring full video production. Our Indian wedding photographers and videographers work as a team to make the most of your festivities. Think of us as your full-fledged production company, with expertise in both Photography and Video Production.

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Dallas Low-Light Wedding Photography FAQ

"Will my pictures turn out if the lighting is low at my wedding reception or ceremony?"

I hear this question quite often from brides. The answer really depends on the rules of the game. Will the wedding officiant let me use a flash? If the answer is no, this can make things quite difficult. The flash is a critical tool for any photographer, especially in low light situations. If the photographer is allowed use a flash your pictures should be fine.
"But my ceremoy won’t allow flash photography – is this really a problem?"
From time to time I run into a stubborn wedding officiant who refuses to let me use a flash. This can be frustrating, especially when the lighting is poor. I always urge the importance of flash to my brides. Many times with a little pleading, they can persuade the officiant to allow the use of flash. Your photos are going to turn out the best if the photographer has the freedom to use the flash.
Large dimly lit receptions halls can be another issue entirely. With high ceilings and soft tungsten light, it can be a challenge even with a flash to achieve good results. Over the years I have developed my own photographic techniques for dealing with these situations and I think the results are amazing.
Ultimately any photographer will tell you "the more light the better", but there are ways to compensate for low-light situations. Call our Dallas Wedding Photography studio at 214-703-0360.


Dallas Wedding Photographer of the Week

I just love photographing beach weddings! Good thing I am free to travel for destination weddings, because the beaches in Texas are not much to talk about. Here's a beautiful example where the wind and light was just right.

Whether you are needing wedding photography in Dallas, or Destination Wedding photography, call our Dallas Wedding Photographer to see samples and view packages of fine wedding photography at 214-703-0360.