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It is official, Logan and Casey tied the knot last weekend at a sumptuous wedding in the tallest hotel in Dallas -- the Magnolia.

In a wedding ceremony lit only by the lights on a few Christmas trees, only our ability to photograph in near-darkness allowed the photos to turn out. See all the wedding photos here.

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Dallas Engagement Portraits $100 OFF Special Limited Offer

That is right, our deluxe Dallas engagement portrait photography sessions are now $100 OFF, delivering a $495 value for only $395. Savings are valid with the above coupon when you book your engagement portraits by 2/28/2010.

You will have so much fun at a beautiful Dallas location in each other's arms. And best of all, you get all the photos, in high resolution on CD included for you to use in any way. And to make sharing a snap, we are including our deluxe online Photo Gallery at no additional charge

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Romantic Dallas Engagement Portrait Photography

"Tis the Season" – the season to get Engaged, that is! Often, either you are spending the Christmas holidays with His family, or he is spending it with yours. That makes now the IDEAL time to get  engagement portraits and bridal portraits and announce your love loud and clear!

To add to the enjoyment, we are currently offering discounts on our Dallas wedding photography packages when you buy either engagement or bridal portraits -- the larger the package, the more the savings.

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Preview of Dallas Magnolia Wedding Photography

http://www.photoguy.net/cgi-bin/category.cgi?category=welcome&event=500075This weekend, Wedding Photographer Dallas was privileged to provide wedding photography for Casey and Logan at their wedding. Here are a couple images as a sneak preview of more images to come from their ceremony and reception. Enjoy!

See all their hundreds of photos here at their Online Wedding Photo Gallery – from preparation through grand departure! We welcome your call for 2010 weddings worldwide at 214-703-0360.


Wedding Preparation Photography - It is not easy being beautiful!

The bride steps into her wedding gown. Her mother and bridesmaids assist her with the final touches on her hair and veil. Today, the vast majority of brides invite their photographer to document the “getting ready” period. In fact, at Wedding Photographer Dallas, all our wedding photography packages include 1 hour before the ceremony just for these "preparation" photos.

Getting ready can be a significant task for the bride and her entourage, and an event in itself. It’s a time not only during which the women share their excitement and happiness, but also one in which they can smooth out any bumps in the road that may arise, from mending an ill-fitting wedding gown to soothing an overwhelmed bride.

Recently, wedding preparation photography has become common and a professional wedding photographer is present while the bride gets ready for the ceremony. Yet the combination of elation, anxiety, nostalgia and hope that accompany these activities create an ideal time for your wedding photojournalist to capture those timeless moments.

Fortunately, our Dallas Wedding Photographers are veterans in skillfully observing and documenting what exactly happens behind the dressing room doors—from the trials and tribulations, to the triumphs. Our experience makes them exceptionally aware of and sensitive towards the rituals and emotions of bridal party preparation, and well-prepared to capture wonderful images without getting in the way.

We photograph you and your bridesmaids getting ready and getting the final fittings on your bridal gown. We photograph your accessories -- hairpieces, earrings, necklace, details of your gown and veil, your shoes and so forth.

Thanks to the great wedding photojournalist backstage, everyone (including the groom, who may have been far from that scene) can have an idea as to what took place to bring her to that radiant moment!

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Celebrating Dallas Wedding Photography

Our Award-Winning Dallas Wedding Photographers are here to make 
your wedding photography and bridal portraits romantic and unforgettable. 

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professional wedding photography results you will adore.

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Heat It Up With Winter Wedding, Bridal & Engagement Photography

This winter, let your love fan the flames of desire and celebrate your union with fine Dallas wedding photography, Dallas Engagement Photography, and Dallas Bridal Portraits.
The holidays and New Year are the ideal time to have your photography done for "save the date" announcements that you send to all your family and friends.

Let our Dallas wedding photographers put you in the best light with professional digital wedding photography for all to enjoy. At Wedding Photographer Dallas, we welcome your call to the Dallas Wedding Photography Studio at 214-703-0360.


Celebrate Beautiful Wedding Photography

Your love is simply beautiful. Your wedding photography should be equally beautiful.

Our award-winning Dallas wedding photographer offer a complete & unique
Dallas wedding photography experience, that aspires to capturing the moment and expression of your wedding day and providing you both with beautiful wedding photography images and wedding albums.

Wedding Expressions are a team of
Dallas wedding photographers that are dedicated to capturing that perfect moment in time when your emotions and feelings speak of expressions that are forever cherished.

Our Wedding Photography team in Dallas aims to provide you both a photographic memory that will always remind you of the emotion, excitement and love of your Wedding Day! 

While providing our photographic professionalism on your wedding day, we make it a fun-filled and relaxed service, capturing that perfect expression without the feeling of being photographed.
We welcome your call to our Dallas Wedding Photography Studio at 214-703-0360.


Professional Dallas Wedding Photographers

You wedding will be one of the most memorable days in your life. It will serve as the launching point for your future together and should be uniquely yours. Whether you are planning a large formal wedding, or an intimate ceremony with your most treasured friends and family, or a casual celebration, you have a vision for your day and we will work with you to ensure that we capture your event as you imaging it.

All of our professional wedding photography packages include a complimentary meeting prior to your wedding so we can learn what makes your relationship so special, and how you would like to celebrate it.

Our wedding photography service is centered in Dallas and Forth Worth (we know the best locations and wedding venues throughout greater Dallas), but we are available for destination wedding photography throughout the USA.

We are grateful to offer world-class, fine wedding photography that has been refined over years of experience. We work with you to ensure that you have a beautiful record of your wedding day that you treasure for decades to come.

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Please Hire a Wedding Planner

Haven’t we all heard from someone, stories at some point of things that didn’t go right at a wedding.  They happen at every single wedding no matter who is in charge. I know brides are working with a budget -- especially these days but everyone seems to think they can save on costs by “doing it themselves”.

So you invest in an award winning wedding photographer to capture the moments and the details, lets hire a floral designer to make everything look pretty, lets spend money on linens, favors, and a dessert bar but when it comes to getting a professional wedding coordinator to pull together all the details I just mentioned so all of them work in harmony.. lets skimp on that?

After being in the wedding industry and attending as many weddings as I have, I’ve seen it first hand time and time again.  However, the experience I had several weeks ago at a friend’s wedding was so unbelievable, that I feel it is my duty to share with you.

My friend got married at private estate and decided to go with the venue coordinator/catering liaison because they ensured her they would take care of everything she needed on her wedding day. But the actual results were anything but that! Often times the "day of coordinator", however nice their intentions,  they do not have the focus or the accountability to provide first-rate service.

You may want to hire a wedding planner or else:

  1. Your “day of  stand in coordinator ” could forget to place an order which then leaves it all in the hands of the bride on the day of her rehearsal so that she and her parents are 30 minutes late.

  2. Your “day of stand in coordinator” could decide to make a change on one of your vendor contracts leaving you to pay the difference for their error and then when the vendor calls you the morning of your wedding to tell you and you verify it with your “coordinator” they may say, “you are ruining their day?” Really?? Who says that to a bride?

  3. Your “day of stand-in coordinator” may forget to send the shuttle to one of the hotels and leave 30 guests behind minutes before your ceremony is about to start. Then when confronted with this situation may say “Just tell them all to take cabs! I am not starting this ceremony late!” This is not service, this is her self-serving lack of professionalism.

  4. Your “day of stand in coordinator” may not really know how to run a real ceremony and forget to cue wedding party or heaven forbid the musicians to know when the bride should walk down the aisle! What a disaster that can be as the guests all wait while nothing happens but the same song plays over and over again. Oh also they may forget to remove the ribbon that blocks off the center aisle so guests don’t go through it, but when its time for the ceremony procession to start its wise of them to remove it so that a guest from the second row doesn’t have to run in her heels sinking in the grass all the way to the back of the aisle and remove the ribbon seconds before the wedding party walk through while photo and video are rolling.

  5. Your “day of stand in coordinator” who in this case is also the venue coordinator and caterer- might run out of certain types of food and wine because of poor planning AND not even offer a certain dish that is listed on the menu and just tells guests “Oh, we don’t have that tonight- I’ll just give you a plate of mashed potatoes and veggies instead”.

Can you believe that these elements really did happen all at one wedding? And these were just the highlights? Do you have any stories of your own?

One piece of advice: You get what you pay for! So when you don’t pay for a friend who is helping you out as your “day of stand in coordinator” or you find one that is only a couple hundred dollars…. guess what- it may not be that good of an outcome. I don't want to scare you; I just want to help you have the perfect experience, to go along with our fine wedding photography.

I have also written this as an ode to all the professional wedding and event planners out there. There is a huge difference between a venue coordinator and a legitimate wedding planner. They have their responsibilities and strengths and wedding planners that actually service brides as a business and not as a hobby are indispensable.

Brides and gooms, do your research for planners in your area. Or call us to recommend some to you.

We wish you a great wedding day and happily ever after. Our Dallas Wedding Photographers are here to see to it that your wedding imagery is everything you want it to be! Call 214-703-0360.


Dallas Weddings - Premium Bridal portraits

When you want your bridal portraits to be amazing, turn to our artistic Dallas Bridal Portraits. We pick scenic locations around Dallas to showcase you in your beautiful dress for a bridal portrait you will treasure forever!

Lean more about our bridal portrait photography session for you at Wedding Photographer Dallas. Our Dallas wedding photographers welcome your call at 214-703-0360.


Dallas Wedding Photographers - Photographer Photography

Mark's friendliness as a Dallas wedding photographer puts those on the other side of the camera at ease. His artistic photojournalist style capture’s a natural representation of you and your finance. With his genuine style he captures the mood, emotions and personality of brides and grooms. His documentary, through-the-lens artistic approach captures that perfect moment; the essence and emotions to last a lifetime!

Our Dallas wedding photography studio designs custom storybook and coffee table wedding albums to tell your love story on your wedding day.

Mark's also provides journalist black & white and sepia tone. But he also provides a fresh new approach to traditional and color. His artistic photo editing skills enables him to use many unique special effects to give an extraordinary creative concept.

Mark's award winning wedding photography has been featured in many news articles, professional publications, as well as on television (Happily Ever Raster)

Call Mark now to reserve your wedding date at 214-703-0360.


Make Your Wedding the Event of the Year with Dallas Wedding Photographers

For Dallas brides and grooms looking for the latest, the best and the special “something” that will set their wedding photography apart from the usual – we have news! Our award-winning creative spark will provie fresh perspective to your wedding imagery.

Marcus is an accomplished fine-art and documentary destination wedding photographer. He relies on his extraordinary people skills and his open heart to connect with everyone at a wedding, ensuring that all the emotion and intimate moments of the day will be beautifully captured and preserved!

He has the intuition and perspective of an artist, and his work reflects the true art and craft of wedding photography. Professional and personable, he has an amazing eye for capturing special moments of an event and a way about him that puts people at ease, so their best can shine through.

Our Dallas wedding photography studio is available for 2010 weddings and beyond throughout the USA, but our calendars are filling fast. If you have a wedding date in mind, contact us right away to check availability. Then you, too, can experience the exceptional artistry our Dallas wedding photographers bring to wedding photography. Call our studio today to check our availability at 214-703-0360.


Dallas Wedding Photographers - Photographer Photography

Professional wedding photography culminating in a beautiful wedding album is the best way to keep the memories of your special day fresh and exciting in the years to come. Wedding Photographer Dallas has years of experience photographing weddings, and has the confidence and knowledge to capture the wide variety of emotions and nuances that make your wedding unique!

We will listen to your needs and concerns and create a wedding album that you will treasure for a lifetime. I combine my artistic eye and experience with the highest quality photographic equipment, processing, and albums.

My wedding photography style is a combination of photojournalism to record the subtle details of your day and a more formal, but fun, portraiture to capture the romance and love of the wedding couple and their family. Your online 'Wedding Gallery' will make sharing your photos easy and fun.

Our Dallas wedding photography packages are designed to be a starting point that is customized to your exact needs.

To set up an appointment to talk about your wedding, please call 214-703-0360 or email our Dallas Wedding Photography Studio.


Dallas Wedding Photographer Photography Studio

Love. There's nothing quite like it! Your love is worth the best wedding imagery. Your wedding deserves to be everything you've wanted it to be.

Our Dallas wedding photography packages offer you extraordinary value. As Dallas wedding photographers, we turn your wedding into art.

Unlike many studios, I photograph every wedding personally, so when you see my work you know that you'll receive the same quality at your own wedding. All of my wedding photography packages include all of the "negatives" or digital files at no extra charge.

And unlike many self-styled "wedding photographers" I've invested in all the equipment - digital SLR cameras, portable studio lighting, etc. - that is needed to take the best possible photographs under virtually any conditions.

So call our Dallas wedding photography studio to reserve your wedding date at 214-703-0360.


Professional Dallas Arboretum Wedding Photographers

Friends, here are some recent photos our Dallas Wedding Photography Studio took of the beautiful outdoor wedding at the Dallas Arboretum.

Megan and Steve, we wish you the happiest of blessings. Friends, we wish you God's rich blessings as you contact and book your Dallas Wedding with our wedding photographers by calling our studio at 214-703-0360.