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Your wedding day photography comes down to those precious moments of sincere and spontaneous expressions of your love. Through all the planning, ceremony and wedding day rituals, you two are connecting at a whole new level and commitment.

"Marcus is genius at knowing the best shots and giving us the space for our wedding day to flow freely, while blowing us away with touching photo after photo!"

As a leading Dallas wedding photographer, I, Marcus, treat you like a king and queen. My extensive experience helps me the know and anticipate the ideal moment to snap the picture and capture those treasured moments of intimacy, love and emotion.

In fact, I bring my commercial photography knolwedge to bear to deliver stunning, magazine-quality photos of the two of you - worth of a celebrity wedding, even if your marriage is a small event.

As a leading commercial wedding photographer, I photography weddings of all sizes and lengths. Although based in Dallas, I am available for travel nationwide and the demand is growing for my destination wedding photography.

You're about to state your love in vows, now let me help you say it in amazing wedding photos that make a wedding of any size look like a couture event. After all it is about the sincerity of your emotions, and the triumph of connection and love.

I will work to make your photos truly reflect the joy and celebration of your union, so call my wedding photography studio in Dallas at 877-858-0071.