Dallas Wedding Photographers - Journalistic, Artistic Wedding Photography

It is official, Logan and Casey tied the knot last weekend at a sumptuous wedding in the tallest hotel in Dallas -- the Magnolia.

In a wedding ceremony lit only by the lights on a few Christmas trees, only our ability to photograph in near-darkness allowed the photos to turn out. See all the wedding photos here.

For fine, artistic wedding photography, book your wedding date with Wedding Photographer Dallas at 214-703-0360.


Dallas Engagement Portraits $100 OFF Special Limited Offer

That is right, our deluxe Dallas engagement portrait photography sessions are now $100 OFF, delivering a $495 value for only $395. Savings are valid with the above coupon when you book your engagement portraits by 2/28/2010.

You will have so much fun at a beautiful Dallas location in each other's arms. And best of all, you get all the photos, in high resolution on CD included for you to use in any way. And to make sharing a snap, we are including our deluxe online Photo Gallery at no additional charge

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Romantic Dallas Engagement Portrait Photography

"Tis the Season" – the season to get Engaged, that is! Often, either you are spending the Christmas holidays with His family, or he is spending it with yours. That makes now the IDEAL time to get  engagement portraits and bridal portraits and announce your love loud and clear!

To add to the enjoyment, we are currently offering discounts on our Dallas wedding photography packages when you buy either engagement or bridal portraits -- the larger the package, the more the savings.

Come celebrate your love with professional engagement portraits and wedding portraits. Congratulations and contact our Dallas engagement portrait photographer at 214-703-0360.


Preview of Dallas Magnolia Wedding Photography

http://www.photoguy.net/cgi-bin/category.cgi?category=welcome&event=500075This weekend, Wedding Photographer Dallas was privileged to provide wedding photography for Casey and Logan at their wedding. Here are a couple images as a sneak preview of more images to come from their ceremony and reception. Enjoy!

See all their hundreds of photos here at their Online Wedding Photo Gallery – from preparation through grand departure! We welcome your call for 2010 weddings worldwide at 214-703-0360.


Wedding Preparation Photography - It is not easy being beautiful!

The bride steps into her wedding gown. Her mother and bridesmaids assist her with the final touches on her hair and veil. Today, the vast majority of brides invite their photographer to document the “getting ready” period. In fact, at Wedding Photographer Dallas, all our wedding photography packages include 1 hour before the ceremony just for these "preparation" photos.

Getting ready can be a significant task for the bride and her entourage, and an event in itself. It’s a time not only during which the women share their excitement and happiness, but also one in which they can smooth out any bumps in the road that may arise, from mending an ill-fitting wedding gown to soothing an overwhelmed bride.

Recently, wedding preparation photography has become common and a professional wedding photographer is present while the bride gets ready for the ceremony. Yet the combination of elation, anxiety, nostalgia and hope that accompany these activities create an ideal time for your wedding photojournalist to capture those timeless moments.

Fortunately, our Dallas Wedding Photographers are veterans in skillfully observing and documenting what exactly happens behind the dressing room doors—from the trials and tribulations, to the triumphs. Our experience makes them exceptionally aware of and sensitive towards the rituals and emotions of bridal party preparation, and well-prepared to capture wonderful images without getting in the way.

We photograph you and your bridesmaids getting ready and getting the final fittings on your bridal gown. We photograph your accessories -- hairpieces, earrings, necklace, details of your gown and veil, your shoes and so forth.

Thanks to the great wedding photojournalist backstage, everyone (including the groom, who may have been far from that scene) can have an idea as to what took place to bring her to that radiant moment!

For distinctive wedding photography in Dallas or destination wedding photography call 214-703-0360.


Celebrating Dallas Wedding Photography

Our Award-Winning Dallas Wedding Photographers are here to make 
your wedding photography and bridal portraits romantic and unforgettable. 

We are currently booking for Weddings in 2010, so call us for 
professional wedding photography results you will adore.

Our Dallas Wedding Photography Studio welcomes your call today at  


Heat It Up With Winter Wedding, Bridal & Engagement Photography

This winter, let your love fan the flames of desire and celebrate your union with fine Dallas wedding photography, Dallas Engagement Photography, and Dallas Bridal Portraits.
The holidays and New Year are the ideal time to have your photography done for "save the date" announcements that you send to all your family and friends.

Let our Dallas wedding photographers put you in the best light with professional digital wedding photography for all to enjoy. At Wedding Photographer Dallas, we welcome your call to the Dallas Wedding Photography Studio at 214-703-0360.


Celebrate Beautiful Wedding Photography

Your love is simply beautiful. Your wedding photography should be equally beautiful.

Our award-winning Dallas wedding photographer offer a complete & unique
Dallas wedding photography experience, that aspires to capturing the moment and expression of your wedding day and providing you both with beautiful wedding photography images and wedding albums.

Wedding Expressions are a team of
Dallas wedding photographers that are dedicated to capturing that perfect moment in time when your emotions and feelings speak of expressions that are forever cherished.

Our Wedding Photography team in Dallas aims to provide you both a photographic memory that will always remind you of the emotion, excitement and love of your Wedding Day! 

While providing our photographic professionalism on your wedding day, we make it a fun-filled and relaxed service, capturing that perfect expression without the feeling of being photographed.
We welcome your call to our Dallas Wedding Photography Studio at 214-703-0360.


Professional Dallas Wedding Photographers

You wedding will be one of the most memorable days in your life. It will serve as the launching point for your future together and should be uniquely yours. Whether you are planning a large formal wedding, or an intimate ceremony with your most treasured friends and family, or a casual celebration, you have a vision for your day and we will work with you to ensure that we capture your event as you imaging it.

All of our professional wedding photography packages include a complimentary meeting prior to your wedding so we can learn what makes your relationship so special, and how you would like to celebrate it.

Our wedding photography service is centered in Dallas and Forth Worth (we know the best locations and wedding venues throughout greater Dallas), but we are available for destination wedding photography throughout the USA.

We are grateful to offer world-class, fine wedding photography that has been refined over years of experience. We work with you to ensure that you have a beautiful record of your wedding day that you treasure for decades to come.

Call our Dallas Wedding Photography studio to reserve your date at 214-703-0360.


Please Hire a Wedding Planner

Haven’t we all heard from someone, stories at some point of things that didn’t go right at a wedding.  They happen at every single wedding no matter who is in charge. I know brides are working with a budget -- especially these days but everyone seems to think they can save on costs by “doing it themselves”.

So you invest in an award winning wedding photographer to capture the moments and the details, lets hire a floral designer to make everything look pretty, lets spend money on linens, favors, and a dessert bar but when it comes to getting a professional wedding coordinator to pull together all the details I just mentioned so all of them work in harmony.. lets skimp on that?

After being in the wedding industry and attending as many weddings as I have, I’ve seen it first hand time and time again.  However, the experience I had several weeks ago at a friend’s wedding was so unbelievable, that I feel it is my duty to share with you.

My friend got married at private estate and decided to go with the venue coordinator/catering liaison because they ensured her they would take care of everything she needed on her wedding day. But the actual results were anything but that! Often times the "day of coordinator", however nice their intentions,  they do not have the focus or the accountability to provide first-rate service.

You may want to hire a wedding planner or else:

  1. Your “day of  stand in coordinator ” could forget to place an order which then leaves it all in the hands of the bride on the day of her rehearsal so that she and her parents are 30 minutes late.

  2. Your “day of stand in coordinator” could decide to make a change on one of your vendor contracts leaving you to pay the difference for their error and then when the vendor calls you the morning of your wedding to tell you and you verify it with your “coordinator” they may say, “you are ruining their day?” Really?? Who says that to a bride?

  3. Your “day of stand-in coordinator” may forget to send the shuttle to one of the hotels and leave 30 guests behind minutes before your ceremony is about to start. Then when confronted with this situation may say “Just tell them all to take cabs! I am not starting this ceremony late!” This is not service, this is her self-serving lack of professionalism.

  4. Your “day of stand in coordinator” may not really know how to run a real ceremony and forget to cue wedding party or heaven forbid the musicians to know when the bride should walk down the aisle! What a disaster that can be as the guests all wait while nothing happens but the same song plays over and over again. Oh also they may forget to remove the ribbon that blocks off the center aisle so guests don’t go through it, but when its time for the ceremony procession to start its wise of them to remove it so that a guest from the second row doesn’t have to run in her heels sinking in the grass all the way to the back of the aisle and remove the ribbon seconds before the wedding party walk through while photo and video are rolling.

  5. Your “day of stand in coordinator” who in this case is also the venue coordinator and caterer- might run out of certain types of food and wine because of poor planning AND not even offer a certain dish that is listed on the menu and just tells guests “Oh, we don’t have that tonight- I’ll just give you a plate of mashed potatoes and veggies instead”.

Can you believe that these elements really did happen all at one wedding? And these were just the highlights? Do you have any stories of your own?

One piece of advice: You get what you pay for! So when you don’t pay for a friend who is helping you out as your “day of stand in coordinator” or you find one that is only a couple hundred dollars…. guess what- it may not be that good of an outcome. I don't want to scare you; I just want to help you have the perfect experience, to go along with our fine wedding photography.

I have also written this as an ode to all the professional wedding and event planners out there. There is a huge difference between a venue coordinator and a legitimate wedding planner. They have their responsibilities and strengths and wedding planners that actually service brides as a business and not as a hobby are indispensable.

Brides and gooms, do your research for planners in your area. Or call us to recommend some to you.

We wish you a great wedding day and happily ever after. Our Dallas Wedding Photographers are here to see to it that your wedding imagery is everything you want it to be! Call 214-703-0360.


Dallas Weddings - Premium Bridal portraits

When you want your bridal portraits to be amazing, turn to our artistic Dallas Bridal Portraits. We pick scenic locations around Dallas to showcase you in your beautiful dress for a bridal portrait you will treasure forever!

Lean more about our bridal portrait photography session for you at Wedding Photographer Dallas. Our Dallas wedding photographers welcome your call at 214-703-0360.


Dallas Wedding Photographers - Photographer Photography

Mark's friendliness as a Dallas wedding photographer puts those on the other side of the camera at ease. His artistic photojournalist style capture’s a natural representation of you and your finance. With his genuine style he captures the mood, emotions and personality of brides and grooms. His documentary, through-the-lens artistic approach captures that perfect moment; the essence and emotions to last a lifetime!

Our Dallas wedding photography studio designs custom storybook and coffee table wedding albums to tell your love story on your wedding day.

Mark's also provides journalist black & white and sepia tone. But he also provides a fresh new approach to traditional and color. His artistic photo editing skills enables him to use many unique special effects to give an extraordinary creative concept.

Mark's award winning wedding photography has been featured in many news articles, professional publications, as well as on television (Happily Ever Raster)

Call Mark now to reserve your wedding date at 214-703-0360.


Make Your Wedding the Event of the Year with Dallas Wedding Photographers

For Dallas brides and grooms looking for the latest, the best and the special “something” that will set their wedding photography apart from the usual – we have news! Our award-winning creative spark will provie fresh perspective to your wedding imagery.

Marcus is an accomplished fine-art and documentary destination wedding photographer. He relies on his extraordinary people skills and his open heart to connect with everyone at a wedding, ensuring that all the emotion and intimate moments of the day will be beautifully captured and preserved!

He has the intuition and perspective of an artist, and his work reflects the true art and craft of wedding photography. Professional and personable, he has an amazing eye for capturing special moments of an event and a way about him that puts people at ease, so their best can shine through.

Our Dallas wedding photography studio is available for 2010 weddings and beyond throughout the USA, but our calendars are filling fast. If you have a wedding date in mind, contact us right away to check availability. Then you, too, can experience the exceptional artistry our Dallas wedding photographers bring to wedding photography. Call our studio today to check our availability at 214-703-0360.


Dallas Wedding Photographers - Photographer Photography

Professional wedding photography culminating in a beautiful wedding album is the best way to keep the memories of your special day fresh and exciting in the years to come. Wedding Photographer Dallas has years of experience photographing weddings, and has the confidence and knowledge to capture the wide variety of emotions and nuances that make your wedding unique!

We will listen to your needs and concerns and create a wedding album that you will treasure for a lifetime. I combine my artistic eye and experience with the highest quality photographic equipment, processing, and albums.

My wedding photography style is a combination of photojournalism to record the subtle details of your day and a more formal, but fun, portraiture to capture the romance and love of the wedding couple and their family. Your online 'Wedding Gallery' will make sharing your photos easy and fun.

Our Dallas wedding photography packages are designed to be a starting point that is customized to your exact needs.

To set up an appointment to talk about your wedding, please call 214-703-0360 or email our Dallas Wedding Photography Studio.


Dallas Wedding Photographer Photography Studio

Love. There's nothing quite like it! Your love is worth the best wedding imagery. Your wedding deserves to be everything you've wanted it to be.

Our Dallas wedding photography packages offer you extraordinary value. As Dallas wedding photographers, we turn your wedding into art.

Unlike many studios, I photograph every wedding personally, so when you see my work you know that you'll receive the same quality at your own wedding. All of my wedding photography packages include all of the "negatives" or digital files at no extra charge.

And unlike many self-styled "wedding photographers" I've invested in all the equipment - digital SLR cameras, portable studio lighting, etc. - that is needed to take the best possible photographs under virtually any conditions.

So call our Dallas wedding photography studio to reserve your wedding date at 214-703-0360.


Professional Dallas Arboretum Wedding Photographers

Friends, here are some recent photos our Dallas Wedding Photography Studio took of the beautiful outdoor wedding at the Dallas Arboretum.

Megan and Steve, we wish you the happiest of blessings. Friends, we wish you God's rich blessings as you contact and book your Dallas Wedding with our wedding photographers by calling our studio at 214-703-0360.


Dallas Engagement Portraits Photographer Photography

Dallas Engagement Portrait Photography is an ideal way your wedding photographer to have fun and experiment. This, of course, should be done to express the couples' personality in the photos. I love photographing fun couples and I try to find the intimate side of the couple, making the pictures unique to the engaged couple.

A professional Dallas engagement photography session also allows me as your photographer to establish have fun developing rapport that leads to better wedding photography during your actual wedding day. 

When doing engagement photography, I like to have more time than less, with interactive environments over scenic ones.

The right attitude and approach will result in beautiful photos of you as a couple. If you are interested in scheduling a professional engagement portrait photography session, please call me at 214-703-0360.


Fall Wedding Photography - Dallas Photographers

Fall is such a beautiful time for your wedding photography or bridal portraits. Here at Wedding Photographer Dallas, we can celebrate your love in vivid color.

Fall can be a magical and romantic time for your wedding. As a Dallas wedding photographer, with each passing year I am finding more and more couples choosing the winter or fall months for their wedding.

Not only do you have the special ambiance that this time of the year offers, but in many cases you will also have your pick of the best wedding venues. So if you like the colors of fall, then give this time of year some serious consideration as you plan your wedding.

All of my wedding photography packages are offered year round, so call our Dallas wedding photography studio at 214-702-0360.

Dallas Bridal Portraits and Wedding Photography Studio

Here's a recent Dallas bridal portrait taking advantage of the colors of Fall. We love taking bridal portraits outdoors.

It is also a beautiful touch to include your bridal portrait in your wedding announcements and wedding albums. If you're a bride who isn't particularly photogenic or who is picky about how she looks in pictures, this is an opportunity to really get your best angle without an impatient groom or family member rushing you. Years later when your groom has your portrait on his desk, you'll be glad you got it right!

Our professional bridal portraits are currently only $495 and include an 11x14" print plus all your photos on CD plus Online Gallery for easy sharing. In addition, you should know that many of our professional wedding photography packages include credit towards your bridal portraits, so a great way to save, is by booking your wedding photography with us first.

Contact our Dallas wedding photography studio to reserve your bridal portrait time by calling 214-703-0360.


Dallas Engagement Portraits and Bridal Portraits

Getting engaged over the holidays? Congratulations!

While this is a time with a lot of feelings, joys and changes, two of the first things you need to get are:

1) The Ring (duh): we have a special relationship with Robbins Brothers ring stores, so if you shop there, be sure an take advantage of the savings we can offer you.

2) Engagement Portraits: you can't wait to announce the happy news to all your friends, so schedule your engagement portraits now.

Brides, if you have your wedding dress and you have a short engagement time, go ahead and get your bridal portraits done too.

We offer custom wedding photography and have packages to fit all budgets, so call our Dallas wedding photography studio at 214-703-0360.


Dallas Professional Wedding Photographers

We believe that Every Bride Deserves quality, professional photography of the most important day of their lives! Don't settle for anything less than professional!

As Dallas' professional wedding photographers, we put our all into capturing your day. Our portraits will document those special memories for a lifetime. We don't just photograph your wedding day -- we capture emotions. We limit ourselves to only 40 weddings a year to give each one special attention.

With our hybrid of wedding photography styles (traditional, contemporary, photojournalistic, creative, and artistic styles) our wedding photographer uses his unique fusion style shooting to your advantage. Be assured that when you book through Wedding Photographer Dallas you are getting the absolute best. Don't settle for inflated promises from a student, beginner, or amateur on your wedding day. Feel confident in your Professional Photographer!

When you book with our photography studio by December 20th, 2009, we are offering a $500 OFF Special on our popular MAGNOLIA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGE and includes a CD and usage license of your artistically processed pictures (all your digital negatives in high resolution) as well as your very own Online Gallery that makes it so easy to share your joy with family and friends.

We only have a few $500 OFF MAGNOLIA Certificates left, so call our Dallas wedding photographers at 214-703-0360.

An overview of ALL our professional wedding photography packages can be seen here, and yes, we are happy customize our services to fit your exact needs.


Luxury Wedding Photographer

Luxury Weddings - when you want your day to be perfect. When your wedding is an event to be remembered by all your social circles. When you love makes a statement and you love that statement about each other!

It's your day, after all, so ensure you enjoy high-class wedding photography. Our professional wedding photographers will document your wedding celebration with candor, passion and taste befitting your charm.

Based in Dallas, we provide destination wedding photography with custom packages and exquisite wedding albums. Call us to discuss realizing your wedding dreams: 214-703-0360.


High End Dallas Wedding Photographers- Luxury Weddings

Your wedding photographer is, in a sense, a biographer, capturing a very important part of your life for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. Therefore, choose him or her carefully. Some couples attempt to reduce expenses by not hiring a professional photographer or by hiring a newbie photographer. They later realize that was a mistake when they have only a few acceptable snapshots as mementos of the big day.

Don't agree to let a family member or friend photograph the wedding. They should be your guests and enjoying your wedding with you.

Beware of any photographer who offers a "cheap deal". Choose a photographer whose personality you like. He/she will be present with you on your very special wedding day, so you must feel comfortable working together.

Many couples find that the photo shoot time before the ceremony helps to calm the nerves of the wedding party members. Everyone will look fresher than they will after having worn gowns and tuxes for several hours. If you are sure that you do not want to have pictures of the two of you taken together before the ceremony, be certain to let the photographer know, and then arrange to serve something, such as a beverage and light hors d' oeuvres, to your guests while they wait for you to arrive at the reception. Few professional Dallas wedding photographers will do a split photo session, like we can at Wedding Photographer Dallas, so be sure to ask.

Pictures should end a with enough time before the ceremony begins so that the two of you can catch their breath and not feel rushed before your wedding ceremony.

If you are interested in having mostly candid or black and white photos, be sure to inform the photographer when you first interview them. If they don't like to do these types of pictures, find someone else. As for us, we take all your wedding photos in color and then provide your wedding gallery with the option to view ANY of your photos in color, black and white, or sepia tone.

Call our Dallas Wedding Photography studio for photos you will love! Call 214-703-0360 to book your wedding date.


How to Find Your Ideal Dallas Wedding Photojournalist Photographer

How do you find the ideal person to document your wedding with digital photography?

Just as there is a skill to taking memorable pictures, there is also a know-how to choosing the person you want to take them. How you choose your wedding photojournalist can make a big difference in ensuring that you love your wedding photography, as well as with the moments and memories captured in pictures.


The ultimate factor in finding your ideal wedding photojournalist is in the portfolio. After all, you've gotta like us and our work. Through our samples and professional and personal interactions, you can determine if we are that particular photographer who can produce the type of images that will capture the emotions and other rich memories of the day in a way that will resonate deeply with you for years to come. You’ll need to get a sense of your wedding photographer’s shooting style. Take as much time necessary to peruse samples—a relatively easy task these days, thanks to the Internet.

“Brides and grooms should in general try to assess the photographer’s imagination; someone who strives to be different rather than shooting the same kinds of pictures all of the time, Look for humor and feeling in the photography. Rather than just looking at the pictures for the content, assess them in the light of how the photographer approached the scene, and whether he or she can do a lot of things well. You also want to make sure your wedding photojournalist is a versatile photographer with a lot of skills.”


Despite its usefulness in viewing photos, and in providing biographical and approach philosophy information about the photographer, a Web site is not the be-all and end-all of wedding photojournalist research. Now, it's time to meet us :-)

Talk to us about your wedding details and any specific expectations you may have regarding your pictures. Share with your photographer what style and approach you prefer, and also listen to us on how well your wedding day vision matches their mode of operation.

You also should be looking for somebody with whom you can spend the day and be comfortable.

Most importantly, you want to choose someone who doesn’t just view your wedding day assignment as simply another business transaction. Finding a photographer, like us, who really loves what they do and is very passionate about their work is key. “We're the photographers who go the extra mile – The ones who will still be shooting pictures even when you’re having dinner.”


“As your wedding day unfolds, situations will happen, and you won’t have control over them, so you want somebody who can go in there and won’t be afraid, roll with it and capture those perfect moment! Choose a seasoned professional wedding photography studio like ours and you will get someone who can make the great pictures regardless of the conditions.”

If a person has been doing professional photography for 10 years, it’s a good bet that they know how to handle any situation, and when problems come along, they become a problem solver, And ultimately, one of the most important tools a photographer has is his brain, because a photographer who actively thinks is going to get great pictures.

We welcome your call to our Dallas wedding photography studio at 214-703-0360.


Professional Dallas Wedding Photographers

For Dallas brides and grooms, for one day, the two of you are the focus of attention! The concerns of the world slip away as your sweetheart and you take center stage for the moment you’ve long anticipated. Your guests’ thoughts and emotions are given over to your love. In turn, they are participants in your big day, compounding the good feelings of the love-filled event. With dancing, emotional toasts or simply their blessings, your family and friends have come together on this day to help seal your love with fairytale splendor.

Indeed, your wedding is one of the few days in your life when you can live a dream. As the center of attention, you are celebrities, perhaps a king and queen for that one day, surrounded by a paparazzi of guests with cameras everywhere. Fortunately, professional wedding photojournalists take it all in stride, using the adoration to create lasting memories!

Call our Dallas wedding photography studio to book your wedding date and enjoy professional wedding photography from our digital wedding photographers. Call 214-703-0360.


A Proven Approach To Great Dallas Wedding Photography

Let's face it, for many brides and grooms, wedding budgets are tighter than ever before. Photography can make up a substantial portion of the wedding budget, (20-30% is ideal) but it’s not something you can afford to skimp on. After all, the flowers die, the cake gets eaten, but the photos last for generations!

All wedding couples want great wedding photography, but their main concern, aside from tight budgets, is not knowing where to turn and who to trust. They want a wedding photographer that is both responsible and artistic, experienced, who can deliver wedding photos and memories that last a lifetime... at an affordable price. They also want to own all the images and be free to order their own prints.

When the question of your Dallas wedding photography comes up, we tusrn photography questions into exclamations! We do this by using a proven model for wedding photography that eliminates the hassle and worry about finding and selecting the right wedding photographer.

Here’s how it works:
After an initial conversation with the bride and groom (or their planner), we determine which professional Dallas wedding photographers are available for the wedding date, and of those, which are best suited for the couple's choice of wedding photography style and approach. We might, for example, send a testimonial like this:

"A professional to the core, Marcus uses his vast experience and genuine warmth to deliver wedding images that convey the heart and soul of your special day. His calm, engaging demeanor enables him to capture everyone at their best, while documenting the full scope of your wedding with a photojournalistic style."

We let you look at sample wedding photographs to ensure you love the Dallas wedding photographer's work and we arrange a meeting, so the two of you can evaluate the chemistry and decide if that photographer is right for you. As the wedding couple, you decide how much involvement they want in the photography process. You are in complete control all the way through. We take care of all production details, so there are no surprises on the Wedding Day.

Buyer be warned: with so many new photographers out there, it’s easy to be led astray by a low price and a few good sample shots. We eliminate this hazard! You can can drop all worries about your wedding photographer, knowing all our photographers are vetted, tested and approved by us before we let them be at your wedding as a top-notch professional(s).

We strive to create a strong match between the two of you and your professional wedding photographer.

Brides and grooms consistently say to us, “You make it so easy!” Our no-drama approach, our pricing, our straightforward service and our beautiful results keep them returning to us for event photography. Whether it’s a wedding, special birthday, anniversary or Mitzvah Photography, event planners and rely on us to provide photography they can trust, at rates they can afford.

For professional results, contact us anytime: click@WeddingPhotographerDallas.com or via our website: www.WeddingPhotographerDallas.com or simply call our studio with your wedding date at 214-703-0360.


Dallas Wedding Photographers - Photographer Photography

The high end bride and groom deserve luxury treatment. Documenting the event is just as important and with that goes high end wedding photography. In Dallas, your marriage is a couture event, remembered vividly by your guests and cherished forever by the two of you.

To reserve your wedding date, call our Dallas wedding photography studio for couture wedding imagery from our truly professional Dallas wedding photographers at 214-703-0360.


Fine Dallas Wedding Photography

Brides and Grooms in Dallas who care about the quality of their wedding photography love our Dallas Wedding Photography Studio for the value we provide.

Each wedding is as unique as you are. We accept only 40 weddings a year to offer each one the dedicated time and service to get exquisite wedding photos on your special day.

We know that many couples get engaged over the winter holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. What better way to celebrate your love and announce your upcoming wedding wedding than with fine Engagement Portraits!

Our Dallas wedding photographers are experienced professionals, working with lighting and detail to capture the elegance, charm and joy of your wedding. With each wedding photography package, we include a CD master of all your photos ($500 value) and an Online Wedding Gallery ($200 value) to make sharing your photos and ordering prints simple.

We are available for consultations, so tell us your date and call our Dallas wedding photography studio at 214-703-0360.

We wish you the richest of blessings!


Dallas Luxury Wedding Photographer

Dallas Luxury Weddings deserve the best wedding photography. After all, your wedding photography is an investment in perfect memories.

We begin by listening -- listening to your vision for your wedding and its imagery. We work with you, your location, your colors, designs and itinerary. You trust our skill and have hired us to bring our wedding photography skills to put you in the best light. We love that and honor that trust with exquisite one-of-a-kind wedding imagery.

"You came recommended and it turned out to be right on track. You worked with me and my husband to treat us right. We loved working with you and you put us at ease. Of course the photos were wonderful and your wedding artistry made my day! Bravo!" – Jaqueline

Our Dallas Wedding Photography Studio is available for private appointments and destination wedding photography. Call 214-703-0360.


Dallas Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer

Dallas brides and grooms want a photographer with photojournalism training -- to tell the story of your wedding day. In addition to the fun shots, the candid shots, the formal wedding photography, make sure you also get the details of your wedding.

Here are some photojournalistic wedding details from a wedding last weekend we shot. Enjoy, and remember that you will be happiest with your wedding photography when you choose a professional and experienced Dallas wedding photographer.

Call our studio to reserve your wedding date at 214-703-0360.


Award-Winning Dallas Photographers Wedding Photography

By now we are letting quality Dallas wedding photography do the talking for us. Do you like what you see? Then indulge in custom wedding photography of you and your beloved! With digital negatives, deluxe online galleries and ravishing custom wedding albums, what's not to like!

And if you choose us, call to book your wedding date at 214-703-0360.


Top Dallas Wedding Photography Studio with Professional Wedding Photographers

There is something classy that attracts smart brides to the luxury of truly professional wedding photography. The sensual detail. The warmth of a secret kiss. The commitment, the rings, the Yes!

We photograph the intimate details and we do provide custom wedding albums that tell the story of your love.

By now, you should want to know how you can secure our professional services. You can feel great knowing we are here for you now by calling 214-703-0360.


Award Winning Dallas Wedding Photographers

Dallas and Destination Brides-to-be and their grooms can enjoy lavish wedding photography from our Dallas professional wedding photographers. With award-winning wedding photography, we will document your special day, the joy and celebration and they beauty of it all!

Enjoy the pictures that speak a thousand words! Call to reserve your wedding date with our Dallas wedding photography studio at 214-703-0360.


Dallas Wedding Photographers

Enjoy professional Dallas wedding photography to make your special day all the more special! You will treasure the memories of your wedding day with our Dallas wedding photographers. So view our popular wedding photography packages and call our Dallas wedding photography atudio at 214-703-0360.


Value-Packed Dallas Wedding Photography Photographers

As a reminder, because all our Dallas Wedding Photography packages give you your full digital negatives, you can enjoy your wedding photos in so many ways. Put them on your iPhone, or get a special iPod, from us engraved with your names on it.

What's more, our Dallas Wedding Photography packages also come with online galleries. These make sharing your photos a snap. It also means that any of your guests can order the photos of their choosing - a reasonable prices - without contacting you about them.

So go ahead, pick our Orchid, Lily or Magnolia wedding photography package and enjoy these perks. It is just another way that Wedding Photographer Dallas wants to make your wedding day all the more special. Call 214-703-0360 to book your bridal portraits or wedding photographer today.


Dallas Wedding Photographers for High Society Weddings

The high end Dallas wedding needs couture wedding photography from seasoned professionals who know how to put a bride and groom in their best light.

Our latest digital camera refinements mean we can photograph a stylish outdoor wedding at an Arboretum, Golf Course, Country Club from a distance for unobtrusive and stunning results. Likewise, we have specialty equipment for low-light wedding receptions to reduce the flashes and get a more natural look to your wedding photography

Your investment in superb wedding imagery means you will love the results and cherish them for decades to come. Our high end wedding photography for Dallas weddings and Destination wedding photography packages feature two experienced photographers trained to work as a team to get all the action, all the angles, and all the love!

We accept only a select number of weddings to give each one the high level of attention and service we provide. Call our Dallas wedding photography studio at 214-703-0360.


Dallas High End Wedding Photography Photographers

Dallas' High-End Wedding photography for brides and grooms wanting to enjoy their wedding photography for decades to come. Our couture-style wedding photography puts you in the best light. We treat our bridal portraits like works of art.

While we offer value-packed wedding photography packages, each tailored for your needs for coverage, wedding albums and so forth. All our couture wedding packages come with two dedicated, experienced wedding photographers. This gives you the best angles for each moment – both the big picture and the intimate details.

We love seeing you enjoying each other's love and capturing the wedding celebration in glorious color and timeless black and white photography.

Your investment in couture imagery of high end wedding photography for both Dallas weddings and Destination weddings will make the beauty and romance of your wedding day come alive!

Call our Dallas Wedding Photographer Studio at 214-703-0360 to book your wedding date.


Tips For Enjoying Great Dallas Wedding Photography

More Value From Our Dallas Wedding Photographers

First of all, we love what we do. We are gifted, artistic and technical all rolled into one when if comes to your wedding photography. But it is our love for what we do that ultimately makes using us for your wedding photography a joy for YOU.

Yes we really can make getting wonderful photos fun! With that, here are our tips for maximizing your pleasure:

• Be organized and communicate so everyone knows the plans, locations and times for photography. You don’t want to be running around looking for lost relatives. We work closely with your event coordinator or wedding planner so keep us all in the loop.

• When you get to know us before your wedding -- best through having us do your bridal portraits and / or engagement portraits -- it means you are comfortable and worry-free on your wedding day. It means you feel free planning and discussing any ideas or concerns with us. And your positive emotions and peace of mind translates into photos you are happiest with.

• Use a bouquet that is smaller and lighter. And make sure you can MOVE around in that beautiful wedding dress too!

• Allow enough time for photos after the ceremony. Generally 45 minutes is enough. More time will give you a bigger variety or alternate locations. Do not forget to include drive times when calculating photography time.

• If you see an image you like in a magazine, cut it out and show us!

• If you are using a make up artist ask them if they will offer you a free trial so you can go over your make up needs. Or better yet, use them first on the day of your bridal portraits.

• And most important... your Dallas Wedding Photography is an investment, not an expense.

Why do other brides sometimes have their friend or relative photograph their wedding? Because it’s cheaper! But consider what that does:

You are putting the least amount of money on the most important day of your life AND you are placing a terrible burden and responsibility on an amateur. What are you going to do if they botch your images, ruin a friendship? Disinherit a relative? Invite your friends and relatives to enjoy your day not cover it.

Looking for fabulous Dallas Wedding Photographers with high-value wedding photography packages? Then visit us at www.WeddingPhotographerDallas.com and call to meet at 214-703-0360.


The 7 Biggest Mistakes Brides Make With Dallas Wedding Photographers

As a followup to our last post, we've complied the Worst Mistakes that couples make when choosing their wedding photography -- and how to avoid them.

MISTAKE #1 - Hiring Based on Price:

Your wedding = Quality + Service + Price

It is impossible for any company in any industry to offer the cheapest price, have the highest quality and provide the best service all at the same time.

You can get high quality and super service, but you can’t get both and still get the lowest price. Just like in any business, you would hire the best people and buy the highest quality product— consequently, you have to charge more for your services.

Total value is all three. Quality, Service and Price!

The common problems YOU WILL have when you pick a photographer who only offers the lowest price:

1. The first problem with dirt cheap photographers is they don’t stand behind their word or their work. They will tell you they are professional. But delivery suffers because they are just working their "business" out of their bedroom and lack the professionalism and reliability of a truly professional wedding photographer. if they make a mistake, ditch you at the last minute for a better-paying bride, or worst yet, ruin all the pictures and then the problem is unfixable.

Or you may have pictures that are okay, but you hoped for more. In that case there isn’t anything they can do. You are stuck and your wedding is not repeatable. The end result is you get what you pay for. A little money "saved" up front can cost you big time in the end.

There is a saying I like to tell my clients: “What cost are you really paying for photographs whose work you don’t like?”

2. The second problem with a photographer who offers the lowest price is they also offer the lowest quality. Your wedding photos are your most important and valuable investment. The value you place on choosing the right photographer will show for decades to come.

Why risk so much and throw away such great memories for a few pennies saved up front?

3. And the third reason why hiring the cheapest wedding photographer is a mistake you will regret, is that you are likely to get charged extra for things other photographers normally include. You might have to pay for such things as your previews, or worse yet they might not even make your previews available for you to keep at any price. Some will even stamp them across the front with their studio logo. Cheap photographers nickel and dime you to death... making what seemed like a good deal may in fact cost you more in the long run.

Since they lack the ability to attract you through quality, their low up front price is their only tactic just to get you in the door. To avoid buying on price alone. Instead, buy on VALUE -- the quality of your memories is at stake.

ONCE YOU FIND A GOOD WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER...STICK WITH THEM! You’ll be glad you did and you will have peace of mind.

MISTAKE #2- Thinking all photographers are the same.

Every photographer is different. No two are really the same. Every photographer has different equipment, and has different skills and abilities and different employees; these all bring a complete mix of abilities to their product but will not guarantee consistency.

Photography is art and craftsmanship combined. Most people who hire photographers don’t truly understand that despite all the technological advances in today's digital cameras, photographers still use the same quality work habits and techniques as they did 25 years ago.

The best wedding photography is done not just by picking up a camera and clicking the shutter. It takes craftsmanship to turn out quality work. For example, I have had 6 years of training in classical visual arts (sketching, painting, sculpture, etc.) to master shade, light, composition, color, etc. before ever accepting a photography client.

Photographers have to know how to capture the right moment, how to compose properly, how to expose properly and how to use light, shape and form in order to get the most flattering and artistic results and poses.

Communication is the key to hiring the best photographer for you:
  • Ask what style of work they do — see samples.
  • Ask to see the wedding contract. Some will make big promises verbally but cut corners in reality because their contract backs them up.
  • Ask them who will be photographing your wedding.
  • Ask them how long will it take to see the images after the wedding. We deliver within 2 weeks!
  • Ask them what it will cost and exactly what do you get—how many photos are included.
  • Ask them how many weddings they’ve photographed.

Wedding photography is not a generic product. It is not a commodity. Ask these and other relevant questions and it will become obvious who the right choice will be for you. You will notice a marked difference in attitude, quality, creativity and experience. You will enjoy a photographer you can trust. And you will have that photographer around you and your spouse on your special day! Do you want to hire an amateur to take experimental photos or a pro who will create a masterpiece? That is priceless.

MISTAKE #3— Try To Get Several Photographers to Compete with each other for your wedding.

You may think this is a good way to do business. And it makes sense when you are getting a commodity like a toothbrush or a new set of car tires. But here is why it is a disastrous way for you to deal with your wedding photographer.

A good photographer has enough loyal customers that they don’t have to deal with price shoppers. Once you find a good photographer, it is important to stay loyal to them. If you flip—flop, most photographers won’t be motivated to keep YOU as a customer.

Price is important. But price should not be more important than good quality and good service. This is what some people like to do. They try to get everyone fighting for the same piece of pie. Buy why add strife to a wedding that should be joyful and full of celebration?

A photographer that keeps bending and bending on price, is a desperate photographer needing your measly fee. This is not a good sign!

Every photographer expects to bend over backward for their clients every now and again. Provided the customer is loyal the photographer will do all he can to help.
All good photographers are loyal to you if YOU are loyal to them.

MISTAKE # 4—You think having the right camera equipment is all a photographer needs to do the job.

Many photographers own wonderful equipment. That doesn’t mean they know how to use it properly. Many people have typewriters and word processors but only a select few can write as well as Shakespeare. In the same way, owning a paint brush does not make you Picasso. Likewise, some random photographer can have all the “latest greatest whiz bang lenses and digital wonder cameras,” but if you don’t know how to use it properly you are no better off than anyone picking up a camera and pointing and shooting.

Compare this to your cell phone. Studies show that half the people who own high-end cell phones don’t even know how to program speed dial, let alone the more advanced features. The same thing happens with amateur photographers pretending to be professional.

Many photographers have tools that have a lot of bells and whistles, but if the photographer has little or no technical and creative know how, he may as well be from the dark ages.

Make sure the photographer knows how to use their tools to the very best of their capabilities. You risk not only pictures that could have been outstanding, but worse yet, utter letdown because of lack of technical know-how.

MISTAKE #5 — Hiring an amateur, friend or relative, or an unqualified photographer.

If you do, then expect mediocre results at best. If you choose the recipe for unhappiness, don't be surprised when that is what comes out of the oven. You may have seen a top notch wedding photographer in action at the wedding of a friend or relative. A really good wedding photographer makes it look so easy, almost effortless.

There is a very simple reason for this: Experience.

The biggest mistake any bride can make is asking a friend or relative to capture their day, and when the results are not there the responsibility and ill feelings can be crushing. Most, untrained wedding photographers simply cannot handle the stress and responsibility that goes along with capturing a wedding. The pace, the stress and the speed are way too much for them, let alone being creative.

There is nothing wrong with hiring an amateur, as long as you expect and want poor photos. Even a professional photographer in a different field (such as commercial photography) will have a rough go of photographing weddings.

Weddings are tough. There's no room for mistakes. The only thing that makes it flow and seem almost effortless is experience. Do you want to give your photographer the opportunity to practice and experiment on your wedding? I wouldn't.

Or do you want someone who is so qualified they can handle anything that is thrown at them and they come through at the end with dynamic pictures?

MISTAKE #6 - Hiring a photographer that is less than passionate and vibrant.

Lastly, look for a photographer that obviously loves doing what they do! Sadly for too many photographers your wedding is just another “job”. They fail to bring passion and love of the craft into each and every wedding they photograph.

Look for someone who radiates passion, and love of the craft. If photographing your wedding is a drudgery for them, your photos might still be fine, but will they really shine for you the way an artist who is truly passionate about their craft can make them?

Nothing is a replacement for experience. Outstanding wedding photographers are not taught in school or by acquiring some degree or by winning awards. They get there through experience, just like an airline pilot.

Some Final Thoughts
Good photos will become priceless and one of your most valued and treasured keepsakes. Studies have shown that the first item that people take with them in the event of a fire is their wedding photos. Studies also show that one year later, when asked what the couple would have done differently at their wedding, the absolute #1 answer is "I wish I had spent more on my wedding photography."

With the advent of digital photography, you see many, many more cameras at weddings these days. Seems that everyone wants to be a photographer. However, owning a decent camera does not make anyone a good wedding photographer.

Owing a good camera does not give anyone the ability to compose, to see light and use light effectively. To predict when certain events will unfold and be “ at the right place at the right time.”


Wedding Photographer Dallas
has 10 years of experience in professional wedding photography for Dallas brides and destination weddings. Our exquisite wedding albums are a keepsake you will treasure for a lifetime. We are friendly, passionate, artistic and technical -- all so you know you will love the results we produce for you. We limit our weddings to 40 per years to offer each one the high level of service and value we are committed to.

We welcome your call at our Dallas Wedding Studio: 214-703-0360.


Dallas Arboretum Wedding - Bridal Portraits Special

The Dallas Arboretum is the best place to get your Bridal Portraits and Engagement Photography taken. That's because the Dallas Arboretum offers so many beautiful settings within one location including, water features, stonework, flowers (of course), waterfalls, and lush open gardens.

To celebrate this ideal location, we are offering a special Bridal Portrait photography package -- exclusively for brides who want their portraits at the Dallas Arboretum:

Let our professional Dallas Wedding Photographers assist you in getting the perfect photos on your Wedding day! View our Dallas wedding photography packages here.

Call our Dallas wedding photography studio at 214-703-0360.


Saba's Bridal Portraits

We photographed Saba's bridal portraits in Dallas at the Arboretum. For fine bridal portraits and wedding photography, see our Dallas wedding photographers at www.WeddingPhotographerDallas.com and call 214-703-0360 to book your wedding date.



Breaking Trends In Wedding Photography - Videography

Formal and posed shots will always be a popular staple at any wedding, however, more and more couples now prefer to have more candid, photojournalist style pictures taken. So today's brides and grooms are moving away from the traditional style album in favor of the storybook wedding album.

And while color photographs will always be featured, couples are now asking for more black and white copies of favorite pictures.

Telling Your Unique Story In Unique Images
I think the best wedding albums and wedding photography uses a combination of all of the above! Why should you have to be stuck with a typical wedding photographer who only can do one style or another? Going for a wedding photographer that offers a range of different options and choices will give you a far more rewarding, diverse and unique album that you can treasure from then on.

As they say, variety is the spice of life - mix it up a little and and ask your Dallas wedding photographer to do something a little different with you in the photos and then with your album! After all you want people on their edge of their seats to see your magical day and not for it to be gathering dust on the coffee table!

As for our Dallas Wedding Photography Studio, yes, we offer a beautiful mix of wedding photography styles to best celebrate your wedding day in gorgeous imagery. See our wedding photography packages here.

With the latest advances in Videography and powerful computers, video your wedding in High Definition (HD) format has now become a reality and is certainly gaining popularity with brides and grooms. Not all wedding videographers offer this type of service at the currently, while equipment is being replaced and skills updated, so it is something you want, be sure and ask your videographer what he can supply before you book.

And rest assured we have the most cutting edge video camera and editing tools to offer superior HD wedding video packages too.

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Award Winning Dallas Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographer Dallas provides brides the opportunity to enjoy captivating imagery of your special day by experienced professional photographers and videographers. Every joy, every heartfelt look, every detail - beautifully captured. There for you to enjoy as a couple forever.

Our professional Dallas Wedding Photographers and Videographers work unobtrusively and deliver amazing results. Judge for yourself by looking at some wedding photography samples or wedding packages.

We trust you will love what you see and call us to book your wedding photography at 214-703-0360.


Dallas Wedding Portrait Photographer

Dallas brides have good news, Wedding Photographer Dallas is keeping the beautiful wedding imagery coming your way. Here's a fun teaser below:

Those of you seeking a wedding photographer for your Dallas or Destination wedding, check out our value-packed wedding photography packages... and most importantly, enjoy resting in the fact that you know you will get great photos that celebrate your wedding day when you work with our professional wedding photographers.

P.S. we offer superior Wedding Videography too. So call our Dallas Photography studio at 214-703-0360 to reserve your date!


Dallas Wedding Photographer Photography Studio

Weddings are pure joy and celebration and I am so grateful to be a wedding photographer and get to be in the Presence of True Love and simply record that beauty in wedding photographs.

We also offer Indian and Destination weddings. Dallas brides, we are now accepting a select number of bookings for couture wedding photography. Call 214-703-0360.


Jazmine Dallas Bridal Portraits

Jazmine chose Wedding Photographer Dallas for her bridal portraits. Mark photographed her at the Dallas Arboretum for its many beautiful settings. Jazmine and her fiance chose the popular Lily Wedding Photography Package.

We've turned Bridal Photography into a Fine Art, with our own combination of lens and lighting techniques that promote a fresh, open and natural look to accentuate your beauty. We specialize in outdoor Dallas location bridal portraits. We dedicate 2 hours to each bridal photography session and give several looks with both close-up and full-body portraits.

Contact our Dallas wedding photography studio for a link to view all 150+ bridal portraits or call out studio and book with us at 214-703-0360.


Shelly's Dallas Bridal Portrait Photography

Shelly came to Wedding Photographer Dallas for her bridal portraits. We took advantage of the many settings at the Dallas Arboretum to photograph this bride in great lighting. The results are vibrant and beautiful. Most of all Shelly was pleased and chose us for her wedding photography, picking the Lily Plus wedding photography package.

Dallas Brides, click here to book your bridal portraits and wedding photographer or call our Dallas wedding photograph studio at 214-703-0360.