Dallas Wedding Portrait of the Week

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This week's Dallas wedding portrait photography is from a Dallas Wedding, by wedding photographer Mark. "We took advantage of the natural outdoor beauty next to the wedding chapel and did a whole series of the bride and groom in each other's arms."

"The just-married love is so evident that it showed in each wedding portrait. Seated or standing, or looking into each other's eyes, it was a magical time and I am grateful to be there to photograph it."

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Dallas Wedding Photography Of The Week

This week's Dallas Wedding Photography is an outdoor bridal portrait. We chose a light color scheme, with smooth fill light.

The result is a one-of-a-kind custom Dallas Wedding Photograph! We love taking the early morning light and making this bridal portrait into a work of art that has the outdoor freshness of this glowing bride enhanced with our artistic wedding photography process. Enjoy!

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Dallas Wedding Photography Of The Week

This is the Bridal Portrait of the week by Mark. "I photographed this bride on an overcast day in February. To many photographers, that would have lessened the image, but I shoot in RAW mode -- the highest quality. That lets me warm the image back up to normal sunlight, with no loss in quality and no harsh shadows," says the master wedding photographer.

"Add to that my proprietary photo processing techniques learned in the Commercial Model world of Los Angeles, brought back to Dallas and you have a touching work of art," he confides.

"Brides nationwide value my experience and want to look their very best in their photos -- who can blame them? I limit the weddings I accept to devote the time for truly beautiful and artistic fine wedding photography. Sure it costs more and takes more effort, but their happiness is worth it. After all, these are probably the most important photographs of their lives and they will treasure these beautiful memories through my wedding photography and share it with their kids and family."

We will look forward to more "Dallas Bridal Portrait of the week" photographs in weeks to come!

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Tips for Hiring the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Congratulations on your wedding! My wish for you is that the fairy tale you dreamed of and probably practiced as a child comes true for you with your prince charming!

There are few photography events that come close the importance of your wedding. For many brides, your wedding is the first time you will hire a professional photographer. With no prior experience in commissioning a professional photographer, you may be tempted to make the mistake of shopping for a photographer as you shop for other items for the wedding…based on price. However, what you are paying for is the quality of your memories and you will want the best photography you can afford.

I love today's professional digital photography. As a professional wedding photographer in Dallas, it allows me to take many more photos and weed through them later. But sadly digital photography also allows mediocre people to spend a few hundred at some store and point and shoot and dare to call themselves professional photographers.

Just a few years ago, you had to have a strong knowledge of posing, lighting and technical aspects of capturing beautiful images on film. Most wedding photographers would show up at your wedding with ten to thirty thousand of dollars of equipment. Today you can get a decent amateur digital camera for $600 and you are now a “professional wedding photographer”. So how do you make the best investment in a professional wedding photographer?

~ Here are my suggestions for hiring your wedding photographer ~

1) Establish a budget for photography. Martha Stewart suggests 20% of the total wedding budget. (If your total wedding budget, dress, flowers, venue, food, beverages, entertainment, etc. is $15,000 then your photography budget should be $3,000)

2) Discuss their formal training in photography and years in business. (not how long they have been taking pictures) Keep in mind that 50% of small businesses in America fail in the first five years. On the other hand, we are in our 10th years of success.

3) Make certain your wedding package includes EVERYTHING you want, from photography of the wedding day to a completed wedding album. (57% of brides surveyed by Kodak in 2007 only received a high resolution DVD of images – NO PRINTED PICTURES AND NO WEDDING ALBUM) The largest amount of time and often talent, in addition to capturing the photographs on your wedding day, occurs after the wedding. It is all the post-production of the wedding including digital processing, color correction and retouching of the images and designing and printing a beautiful wedding album that require tremendous talent and TIME.

Post production is NOT an option that is available at most one-hour photo labs – so you ARE NOT saving money trying to have your images printed yourself. Could you imagine going to a lawyer and after a very expensive hour of her time – she sends you home with a do it yourself kit to finish your legal documents?

4) How does your photographer archive your wedding files? Get a purchase option for your files in writing. If you do get a DVD of images, immediately make a copy to your hard drive and a second copy to place in your safe deposit box at your bank.

5) Find out your photographer’s backup plans. In the event of an illness, accident, or other event preventing your photographer from being able to photograph your wedding, learn their contingency plan to have your event photographed with equal or greater talent. Also, what is their equipment contingency plan? Do they have a back-up camera and back-up lighting equipment in case something is dropped and damaged in the middle of your wedding?

At WeddingPhotographerDallas.com, I bring backup equipment from cameras to memory cards and batteries, etc. We also work with other photographers of similar experience so you know you will always be in good hands.

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