2010 Brides Enjoy True HD Wedding Videography

Wedding Photographer Dallas is proud to announce two exquisite additions to our fine wedding video services -- true HD Wedding Videography.

Our HD PLATIMUM and HD DIAMOND video packages expand upon our SD Silver and SD Gold video packages by offering camerawork in true "1080p" -- the pinnacle of video quality.

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For the discriminating bride and groom who want the story of their wedding day told in artistic documentary style, our HD videographers deliver as good as it gets! It is no exxageration to call these wedding videos masterpieces in their own right and you will thrill to watch them again and again!

We provide you with widescreen DVDs or you can upgrade to Blueray™ DVDs.

2010 dates are limited so call us at 214-703-0360 to reserve your High Definition Wedding Video.