Shelly's Wedding Photography

Shelly and Kit enjoyed a beautiful wedding in Dallas. We took photos of the bridesmaids and groomsmen separately before the ceremony so the bride and groom would not see each other. I also snuck around and took some candids of them at the altar from a little doorway off of the stage. So often in Catholic weddings you only see the backsides of the bride and groom throughout the ceremony and I wanted to let you in on the expressions of joy on their faces - without disrupting anything. These are angles a Dallas Wedding video cannot capture!

Although there was a large wedding party but the formal photography went smoothly and quickly beucase we already had the bridemaids and groomsmen photographed earlier.

Then it was off to the lavish reception at a hotel in Plano. I started with photos of the setting and decorations - documenting the cake and centerpieces photojournalistic style - before the bride and groom made their grand entrance.

Fun was had by all with dancing into the night. Good thing I always bring extra batteries and memory cards as there were hundreds of opportunities for great images. Congratulations Shelly and Ken!

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