Exclusive iPod Wedding Photography Offer

Exclusive iPod Wedding Photography Offer from Wedding Photorapher Dallas

Dallas ipod Wedding PhotoWhen you choose Wedding Photographer Dallas for your wedding -- our Orchid Package, Lily Package or Magnolia Package -- you are eligible to get Your Wedding Photos, as you leave your wedding reception, on a white Apple iPod engraved with your names.
Imagine being able to take it all with you right away -- no waiting for CDs, Galleries or Albums. See each moment, each expression and the photos of your wedding in the palm of your hand!
Engraved iPod Wedding PhotoSimply add the iPod to the wedding package of your choice and the personalized, engraved, Apple iPod -- full of your wedding photos from your ceremony a moment before -- will accompany you as you celebrate your honeymoon.
This MP3 player holds hundreds of your favorite songs and lets you play videos and store photos galore. Take all your wedding photos with you, wherever you go. No wedding albums to lug around. No fear of smudging the pictures. In addition, your iPod wedding photos easily plug into any television as a slideshow for all to see.
We let you take the joy with you through our Dallas Digital Wedding Photography. Call us to reserve your wedding date: 214-703-0360.
Two iPod Options:
iPod Wedding Photographer iPod Classic: 80 gig. 2.5" screen. Engraved.
iPod Wedding Photography iPod Nano: 8 gig. 2" screen. Engraved.