Frequently Asked Wedding Photography Questions

Q. Why would I be a nut to go anywhere else?
Would you trust "forever" to just anyone? Your wedding photographer may only be about 20% of your total budget, but the photos I provide will become 90% of your memories. Your special day deserves to be in the hands of a professional that personally works to immortalize your love. I love photographing weddings and it shows in the photos of joy and celebration you will treasure for a lifetime.

Q. What is your wedding photography style?
My work can best be described as "artistic wedding photojournalism". I will document your day by capturing your emotions while adding my artistic perspective to each shot. Really, my wedding photography is a combination of what brides and grooms want for different facets of their wedding day:
• Your ceremony preparation photos photojournalistic style
• Your ceremony photos are documentation style
• Your formal group photos are traditional style
• Your reception is a fun combination of all of the above
• Your Engagement or Bridal Portraits are magazine style
Q. Why should we hire you?
Choose me because I "click" with your vision. Keep reading...

Q. How long you've been photographing weddings?
I took photos with professional gear since age 17. I have won an award from Kodak. I have won first place in Texas for color photography. I have 10 years in professional wedding photography and I love it.
Q. What type of equipment do you use?
I shoot Dallas weddings with high-end digital Nikon camera systems. I use a superb professional camera that won camera of the year and whose fine image quality and high resolutions means that you can enjoy wonderful enlargements from any photo.

Q. Where can we see your work?
Please visit my wedding photography gallery. I also have wedding photos to show in person along with wedding albums to hold in your hands and feel the quality.

Q. Should we meet?
Yes, call me to arrange an informal meeting at a nearby Starbucks: 214-703-0360.

Q. Will we get a contract?
Yes, I put everything in writing to keep all expectations clear for everyone's benefit.

Q. Are there travel, location or setup fees?
I do not charge for travel within the greater Dallas / Forth Worth area. I am available worldwide and travel is arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Can we have a CD of our photos?
Yes, I provide this service at no additional charge. Your wedding photo CD is at full resolution with unlimited reproduction rights!

Q. Can all of our pictures be posted online?
Yes, I provide this service at no additional charge. The gallery is good for 3 months, so order your photos online while you can. This is fabulous for family and friends as well as those who could not be at your ceremony -- to see every photo and get a print of all the ones the like without bugging you. You can also make prints from the CD I give you.

Q. Can our friends order photos online?
Yes. Share the link to your online gallery with anyone you want to see your wedding photos.

Q. How long should we wait until we can see our photos?
Usually in 14 days.

Q. What type of albums do you offer?
I have flush mount book style and Fine Art Italian magazine style albums. These exquisite wedding albums are hand-designed for your specific photos. I offer several sizes. Learn more.

Q. Can we have the high resolution files?
Yes, high resolution photos are included!

Q. Do you offer engagement photography?
Yes. Our Enragement or Bridal portrait sessions are $495 each. You will get 50-100 photos total. When you choose me to do your wedding engagement photos, you are eligible for discounts of $150, $200 or $250 towards your engagement or bridal photography depending on which package you choose.

Q. Do you offer rehearsal dinner coverage?
Yes, as requested for an additional $295.

Q. Can we have parent books?
Yes. You can have smaller copies for each type of the album as well full size parent albums. Call for details and pricing.

Q. How much extra for destination wedding photography?
Please contact me for domestic or international travel fees.

Q. Where are you located?
I am a Dallas, Texas based photographer, however, I photograph weddings worldwide including beach weddings and multi-day wedding celebrations.

Q. What is the best advice you can give us?
Perhaps two pieces of advice I can give are:
First: let it be light! By planning the wedding Ceremony during daylight hours and making sure the Reception lighting is not completely dimmed you will help me s to minimize the use of flashes. Your photographs will look more natural and more attractive plus your guests will suffer less from bright flashes.

The second advice is: limit the guest photography. The atmosphere of your Ceremony affected already by the presence of hired photographers, assistants and videographers. Now imagine guests standing around you entire Ceremony with flashing and beeping consumer cameras, preventing a photographer from taking important images and interfering with your elegant ceremony atmosphere. It not only will distract bridal party from looking at the main camera, but will also extend the session itself, taking away precious time that could be spent celebrating with family and guests.

Call me at 214-703-0360 to meet and reserve your special day!