Your Wedding Ceremony Photo Checklist

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Our list of Traditional Photos we take
In addition to candid photo and image as of spontaneous fun, our wedding photography includes the following common traditional photos
Prior to the Ceremony
• Mother or Maid of Honor adjusting veil
• Bride putting on Garter with Bridesmaids looking on
• Bride in dressing room with mirror
• Portrait of Mother and Bride
• Portrait of Father and Bride
• Bride and Maid of Honor
• Bride and Bridesmaids
• Bride pinning corsage on Mother
• Bride pinning corsage on Father
• Flower Girl handing bouquet to Bride
• Brothers and Sisters and Bride
• Bride’s Mother on Usher’s arm
• Groom and Groomsmen
• Groom and Best Man
• Best Man adjusting Groom’s tie
• Groom and Father (shaking hands)
• Groom and Groom’s Parents
• Groom’s Mother on Usher’s arm
• Other people being accompanied down the aisle

During the Ceremony
• Bride escorted down the aisle by Father
• Father giving away the Bride
• Selected shots of moments during the Ceremony showing expression

• A wide view of overall Ceremony
• Bride and Groom coming down the aisle
• Wedding Party coming down the aisle
• Groom kissing the Bride at the Altar
• Exchanging of the Rings
• Bride and Bridesmaids
• Bride and Groomsmen
• Groom and Groomsmen
• Groom and Bridesmaids
• Bride and Maid of Honor
• Groom and Best Man
• Entire Wedding Party
• Entire Wedding Party with Clergy
• Bride with Parents
• Bride with Parents and In-Laws
• Groom with Parents
• Groom with Parents and In-Laws
• Bride and Groom with Parents
• Bride and Groom with Grandparents

At the Reception
• The receiving Line
• Wedding Cake (prior to being cut)
• Guests signing book
• Introduction of the Wedding Party
• Wedding Party making Toasts
• Bride and Groom making Toasts
• Bride and Father Dance
• Groom and Mother Dance
• Candid Dancing shots
• The bouquet Toss
• Groom removing Garter
• Groom throwing Garter
• Cutting the Cake
• Feeding the Cake to one another

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