How to Enjoy Great Wedding Photos

So, as a bride or groom, how can you rest assured that you will enjoy great wedding photos AFTER the ceremony?

It’s the day you have been waiting your whole life for.
It’s your day to indulge in everything you’ve ever wanted and look your most beautiful.
It’s all about you.
We understand.

First of all, if you like what you see here, you will like the photos themselves and our high end wedding photography style -- www.WeddingPhotographerDallas.com/galleries.html

With that out of the way, here are the three top tips to make your photos as FUN and ENJOYABLE as possible:

1. Do hire a wedding planner. As your wedding photographer, I am responsible for how your day flows visually. However, your wedding planner is there to take the stress out of the day with how everything else flows. When you are fully in the moment instead of thinking about what needs to happen next, you're happier and is shows in your photos :-)

2. Do make use of daylight. Weddings simply tend to run a bit late due to a thousand things so start earlier than you think you need to. For outdoor weddings, you can have a gorgeous sunset AFTER your ceremony, but you don't want to exit the isle in the dark! Sure, we have flash lighting, but the most natural and beautiful wedding photos are when we work WITH natural light and enhance it by subtle fill light.

3. Do see your groom for a First Meet before the ceremony. While its been traditional to wait for the groom to see you walking down the aisle here are the advantages:

• It helps the flow of the day and allows you to get the best photos possible with your groom

• After the ceremony you want to celebrate and soak in the congratulations. Having guests waiting on you back at the reception while you do photos is not something you need to be thinking about while we capture your memories for you.

• Meeting before the ceremony reassures each of you and makes the rest of the day that much more fun.

The more photos you can get out of the way before the ceremony, the more time you have to truly enjoy the experience of your day in the midst of the whirlwind that is swirling around you.

We recommend taking the following before the ceremony: (preferably outdoors)
• Bride with bridesmaids
• Groom with groomsmen
• Your dress and hair on your day
• You as a couple sharing the love and eager anticipation

Now, I pronounce you free to love your results!
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