What to Wear for your Dallas Engagement Portraits

You want to wear something that you both feel comfortable in and can move around in. For pants, that usually means jeans or khakis. For tops, wear something similar, but not identical.

Pure white shirts are too easy to get overexposed in your shots, so I recommend off-whites -- beige, sky blue, etc. To look nice, but still open and free, lots of couples like button down the front shirts that can be tucked in or untucked.

Portrait Setting
Also consider the setting of your engagement photos. Most couples want an outdoor, open park setting, preferably with some water. For Dallas engagement photography, there are some settings, each with a different feel.

Central Dallas: the parks and gardens in the White Rock Lake area give an open, active and fresh feeling.

Downtown Dallas: go for the uptown look, dress a little more formal with the feel of buildings and shopping in the Background.

Out On The Town: I know some great spots that offer both private areas as well as the out-together look.

North Dallas: there are two specific very nice outdoor areas I use, one with large rocks and bridges of streams and fountains, the other with a nature trail and nice white gazebo.

A Taste of Italy: The Los Colinas canals are a popular choice with cobblestones and its bridge over the canal. The stonework and faux window shutters give an endearing European impression.

Gritty: Deep Ellum offers some contemporary settings where urban graffiti forms the backdrop for your portraits.

Malls: Malls offer the on-the-go stylings in a carefree environment if you know how to photograph inside them.

Back To Clothes
This photo might have been a nice engagement photo except that they wore all black. Wear solids but not all black or white. Your clothes should not be busy with patterns, stripes and such to distract from you. For the most part, keep the colors light and not overly bright as that too can distract from your loving faces :-)

Your engagement photos are a reflection of you as a couple, so pick wear something that is you and not just something you think will look good in.

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